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We are on the cusp of major shifts. This September has brought major astrological events which have catapulted many into the Light. In particular, men whose Souls have elected to recall distant, eternal memories of spiritual wisdom and healing powers have been touched by universal grace.

Many male light workers are in the throes of enormous, tectonic movements within their energy fields. This will re-align them with sacred purpose and a higher plan for action. It will ignite long-forgotten fires of longing for deeper meaning and fulfilment within their hearts.

The Universe is beginning to sing their song back to them. They are finding reflections of a path, a route towards purpose, a torchlight in the dark. There are significant markers being placed along the way. These signs are given to show these men that they are not alone; that there is a plan for their lives that exceeds their mind’s limited perceptions; that miracles exist; that the divine feminine vessel has prepared space for them for eons in order for this transition to be made into their authentic lives.




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My Spiritual Path and quest for Ascension led me to begin Higher Density Blog in late 2012. Sharing discoveries, exploring 5D Abilities, Universe within, Unity Consciousness, New Science, Galactics, Awakening Humanity and Arts of Creation weave the fabric of Higher Density Blog.

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  1. I have been smashed for 7 years, every possible horrid thing that could happen has and each event left me less able to hold onto my non-awake life. Finally having hit rock bottom and literally having no more to give I had only two choices. End it all; or somehow find a way to start again. To be honest ending it just seemed easier and that would have been my path, except for one feeling that just wouldn’t go away. At first I didn’t exactly know what that feeling was, it made me cry but it wasn’t just sadness, it made me scared but it wasn’t just fear, it showed me the emptiness of my life and yet it game me comfort. Feeling it, took me to a quiet stillness and yet I didn’t feel alone. It was all that I had left, and it was everything I needed. That feeling was “love”, I trusted it, I let everything go and I let it fill me completely. I gave into that feeling and I started responding to every situation that life presented me with love. I gave love out and I received love in return. It became my new currency and the way I exchanged my energy. Suddenly life opened up to me, old wounds were healing, broken and toxic relationships became beautiful and amazing synchronicities showed me that I was on the right path. I just want all those guys who are being hit hard at the moment to know, that yes it’s difficult, sometimes it’s almost too much to bear. Just relax, breathe, allow the feeling to flood through, but instead of wallowing in despair, reach strongly down inside and make the choice to respond in love. If she hates, then give her love back and expect nothing in return, if you have no money then give your time. Find someone who needs and give them what you have in abundance, your love. You are a man, you are strong, you are intelligent and you can do this. Find something to do that makes you happy and then smile while you are doing it. Be proud my brothers, this was meant to be and you will be magnificent. Rob

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