ANCIENT AWAKENINGS SHOW! – WE GO FORWARD NOW! – The Guardians, Sananda, Mother Gaia – Encodements Included – 10-2-16

Anne DeHart
That’s it, folks!  The Guardians were here and have given THE GREEN LIGHT!  We are on our way!  The Green Light means – WE GO FORWARD NOW!  Congratulations to ALL!  We were told more than once that it was WE who accomplished this! Every one of us – every thought – every feeling – every communication!

This extraordinary call started with The Guardians, followed by Sananda, Mother Gaia – Questions and Answers with One-Who-Serves and Ashira!  And by the way, One Who Serves told us that these messages also include encodements – just like Michael Ellegions! So each time we listen, we benefit by the encodements!

And yes, THE EVENT is right before us… the beginning dominos leading to it? – Well, just listen!

Listen carefully – as One Who Serves let two things slip… and in Q & A, we caught it!