SOPHIA LOVE – AS WE SHIFT – Can I Have This Dance? – by Rose Rambles dotorg – 10-1-16


What follows happened 8 years ago.  There are several parts.  They may not seem connected, yet in a greater sense they each illustrate what’s happening for us right now.

  1. Nothing is at it appears to be.
  2. We are multi-dimensional.

I was sitting in my home in a semi-meditative state.  I was staring out the window.  It was a clear day, with birds & clouds in the sky and leaves on the trees.  As I stared, this picture of reality was pulled back.  What appeared instead was a huge patch of black; a void.  It was pulled back as I watched, like seeing someone rip back a color form* figure from the background black base. I sat up then and said “WHAT???” It re-covered itself with blue sky, clouds, birds and trees.  This pretty much blew my mind.

I was driving very early on a Saturday to return a rental car to the dealership.  It was a quiet sort of sleepy morning and my thoughts were not focused on my task.  I was on a route I’d taken many times; there was little traffic and few lights.

I suddenly realized that I was no longer heading to my intended destination.  I had passed it by miles and was in the country a bit; same road, but not the same town.

I turned the car around and headed back.  I felt odd.  Cars were acting as if I wasn’t there; they didn’t see my car.

I drive an old but high end car.  This dealership treats you like royalty.  When you drive in, they are all over you to help.  There is no wait and two people to assist every time you pull in.

On this day, I pulled in which activates a huge and very loud door. I sat in the car for five minutes while watching three different employees walking and talking and ignoring me. I got out of the car and slammed the door.  No reaction from any of them.  Then I realized, for the second time that morning, it was as if they did not see me.  I sort of stamped my foot and made a decision then to be seen – NOW.  Suddenly one person looked up, surprised, and asked if I’d been helped.  I said “No”, as the other two men rushed over looking confused.

After I got in my car, I noticed I’d missed two calls on my cell phone.  It had been with me and on the entire time, but I never heard these calls. I felt so strange that I later asked my partner to channel his group so that I could consult with them.

They confirmed that I had left the dream. The reason I was ignored is because I wasn’t there physically (until I decided to be seen and stamped my foot).  They told me that I had imagined the door opening because that was the only way I had ever entered the shop.  In truth, I’d just materialized.

They asked me to try and remember where I’d gone, but I did not.  Maybe next time.  They advised me to not do this again until I was sure I could “get back” to this dream!

In truth there have been other times when I moved my focus and ended up elsewhere. In one instance I again de-materialized.  There were witnesses to both my absence and return. On several others my body remained .  Once I was almost fired as whoever was “standing in” for me did not know how to do the intricate work I was paid to do, and just sort of improvised! When I “came back”, I was just one mistake away from losing the editing contract I was working on.  Needless to say, I have been more careful since then!

These occurrences happen in my normal day.  There appeared to be nothing unusual going on, yet a great many things had changed. It is like that now.  Nothing is at it appears to be, and we are multi-dimensional – while everything looks “normal”.  I just heard that the Dakota pipeline has been stopped due the co-creative efforts of several Native American groups. This is transformational. 

We are creating this shift and it appears that we want everyone possible along for the trip.  I am reminded of a video produced four years ago (shared below): Ascension. 

There is no need for worry.  Things are happening in every now. The precise time for any event cannot be foretold.  It must be created first; by us.

We, in a movement of unity and love, are postponing this dance until everyone is out on the dance floor.  It’s more fun that way.

We are writing now what oneness looks like in a human suit.  It looks like us.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With so much love,
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