Archangel Michael on the Need to Expand Our Listening and Understanding – 10-2-16



Steve Beckow

This reading (Sept. 23, 2016) had a very conversational style, compared to other readings.

At one point, I said to Archangel Michael that I have multiple reasons for wanting higher-dimensional experiences. I said I had no question.

He replied implying that that was because I already knew the answer. He followed up with a comment on the human tendency to want simple, single-reason explanations for what are very complex, multi-reason matters.

Heinvited us to expand our willingness to listen to others and our ability to comprehend more complex matters. Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

Steve: Wow!

Well, I think I’ll just change my plans in light of what you just said. (1)

We have an unspoken agreement I think, Lord, an unwritten agreement that whatever experiences I have I write about.

I’m also a reporter who writes about things in general so both vantage points add to my own innate desire for the higher experiences.

I guess what I’m saying is that I have a lot of reasons for wanting to explore the higher realms.

And I don’t think I have a question!

AAM: No and that is the confirmation. [I.e., that I don’t have a question.]

Understand, there doesn’t need to be, in fact from our perspective and what you can think of as our reality, seldom – and you can understand what seldom means in our reference! – is there ever a singular reason for anything.

Steve: That’s right. I’ve noticed that! And yet when we [humans] want to know the reason for something, we expect the other person to give us just one reason.

AAM: Yes! And when you do that – and we ask you to look at this with the sense of humour that you have – what you are doing is limiting yourself, your growth, your understanding.

And you are also hemming in and limiting the person that you have asked [something of], whether it is of us or another human being. It is very peculiar.

So if I were to say to you, there was a drop of water or a drop of energy that was put in the middle of the South Pacific today because it is going to have an impact in the Arcturian sector, you would not care!

Steve: Yes.

AAM: But if that impact of a drop of energy in the South Pacific then activated Arcturians to a higher level of consciousness which then impacted how they are assisting humanity, it would be important to know.

But it is not the [broad conceptual] framework at the moment that human beings tend to operate in.

But even when you give a rationale or reason or an understanding that is more practical and more personal, there is still a human tendency – and the reason we are mentioning this is because we want you to expand – to say, “Make it simple. Tell me the reason. I don’t want to know 20 other things.” [My emphasis.]

Steve: Yes, we have a low quality of attention. We’ve been speeded up by things like television and movies, action movies and such like. We just want the bottom line.

AAM: … And is that not sad?  Because the bottom line is sooner or later, you’re all coming home. (2)

There is a beginning and there is an end. But it’s what’s in the middle that truly counts!

So, we will have our sense of humour today, will we not?

What you are doing and what you’re saying – and this is about you today – is [demonstrating an] ability, not only to write, which is stellar, but to write in ways that are reflective both within and without and that delve into listening.

And the listening [we are talking about] is not just to your own guidance, which is very important. It’s not just to listen to other beings, whether they are seen or unseen, whether they are your next-door neighbor or in the next Galaxy or the next universe for that matter.

But this sense of listening – what we would term “heart listening” – has been lost.

Steve: Oh, I know that very well, Lord. Yes.

AAM: And so this is something that you’re going to focus on. (3)

Steve: Good. I’d love to do that so, thank you.

AAM: You are welcome, my friend.


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