PRIME CREATOR! – ST GERMAIN! – SANANDA! – Channeled by Michael El Legion – From Hollow Earth Network – 9-28-16








Anne DeHart   –   Hollow Earth Network

Two days ago I was inspired to have a session with Michael Ellegion, as Prime Creator, St Germain, and Sananda would like to speak.

Today, Wednesday, September 28, 2016, I had that session. And yes, we have received some wonderful, new information from Prime Creator, St Germain and our Beloved Sananda. You may want to listen more than once.  Also, at the end, Michael Ellegion came on for a few minutes, and he commented on the encodements he saw going out to humanity. Each time we listen, we will benefit more and more by these encodements, sent to support us in this intense transition time. – You will also appreciatae what Michael shared after the session.


Prime Creator gave much new information… not only about our responsibilities with our new abundance, but also, a whole new “arrangement” so to speak, regarding couples – twin flames. This is all new. Prime Creator also spoke of the encodements – a whole new era about to unfold that will carry the same degree of importance as “BC” – “AD.” – He spoke of how many will be able to ascend with the body. –  More about Twins. – Our right to personally enjoy this coming abaundance, as well as transform Planet Earth.


St Germain spoke of the 3D to 5D effect on relationships, couples;  of the Republic and coming Councils. He spoke of the upcoming Far Eastern Awakening Conference – more about couples, twins in embodiment.  – And finally, about the intense energies and their effect on our bodies and what we are experiencing now.


And our Beloved Sananda gave us his loving form of encouragement. And it was Sananda to whom I posed a very difficult question. You will hear his answer from the heart, so compassionate.


And after the session, Michael Ellegion shared some very interesting information, as well.


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