L’AURA PLEIADIAN – Surrendering to your Higher Self and Divine Presence – 9-9-16



“The letting go, opens your heart. Like a little child, trusting your Divine Self.”

~L’Aura Pleiadian

Becoming empty. Wow, we want to feel. Or do we really want to feel? Has life become a way of living that avoids painful feelings?

Is our Evolution connected to all the pain deep inside us, that needs to Be healed and loved? That the process is the WAY. The Grace Being Divine Presence.

The way out of the Lower self continuing to control through an endless battle. That never ends till we give up. Let go. Surrender.

Playing out in the background, attempting to tug at our heartstrings, are the very parts of us, waiting to be loved. Waiting to be observed, through the Presence of Our Divinity.

When we live in a whirlwind of non stop action and things to do, we become tightly wound up with our incessant need to be in control. We lose sight of our Divine Presence.

When we live in Emptiness, we open UP to the Power of our Divine Selves, to take over.

There is a part of us (deep within) that is calling to us constantly, that desires to be heard and felt.

Those uncomfortable feelings. That sadness. That pain. That hurt. That way of being, that keeps all those important parts of us (desiring to be seen) hidden.

Living in emptiness, not only allows the Divine Presence of Our Souls to live through us. But also, brings that which was playing out in the background, to live in the forefront of our lives. Cleansing us, through observance, of all that we have ignored, within us.




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