Ann Dahlberg w Talking Wind – The Heart Knows Your Path – by Rose Rambles – 9-4-16

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Talking Wind

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Talking Wind and I have come today to greet the new times that are approaching. It is a time of joy for my people and for Mother Earth. Indeed, for all people on Earth that long for peace this is a day to celebrate. We should take each other by the hand and dance around together and let laughter and joy sound through the air. We enter the golden kingdom of peace now. We start a new time together, a time without time, where we can just be and care for each other, everybody are friends and the animals graze peacefully together. We enter a new paradise, the paradise we left so long ago. There are many experiences that we take with us into the Golden Kingdom that is now spreading on Earth.

Awareness of this kingdom exists already with some people – they understand that it is already here. Mother Earth has chosen and she is already in this Golden Kingdom. This means that the consciousness on Earth will accelerate at an ever faster pace, as the surface world also is showered with this consciousness. The consciousness enters your bodies and affects your cells and your DNA. Everything might feel a bit confusing, as if you have been deeply asleep and you are not quite sure where you are when you wake up.

I am a big friend of nature and animals and I advocate that you spend much time in nature or together with animals and plants. …




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