Sophia Love – As We Shift – Ready or Not, Here We Come! – 8-13-16

Sophia Love   –   As We Shift   –   Ready or Not, Here We Come!   –   8-13-16
Today’s title springs from some recent witnessing.  Evidence of massive movement is sprinkled throughout my every day.  Unexpected powerful events pop up everywhere.

There are endings. There are no clear beginnings yet. Plans, relationships, cars and lives either swerve off the road or stop completely.  Next, I expect a sorting.

The thing about the Hogwarts Sorting Hat (from the Harry Potter Series) that feels important right now is how it took the students’ desires into account.  Today it is as if our true selves are emerging, “ready or not”. It would be nice if a hat could tell us where we’d best fit, yet that is not how we constructed this.  We will choose by ourselves.

The past two days there have been two conversations about what is happening now. Some of it sounded a bit repetitious, yet I will share bits of both, from 8.11.2016 & 8.12.2016.  They pertain to this now moment.

From 8.11.2016
(The Earth) is undergoing massive energy changes and now has reached what appears to be a culmination.  …history tells us there is to be great change.  This change is not slight or subtle.  It will not be missed by any life form on your sphere.

The light is strong here on your planet; so strong that even the most dark areas and arenas are illuminated now.

Expect a flip. As there has been darkness at the wheel and directing events and directions – there is about to be light.

The heavens line up and put themselves in position for this flip.

What we see as witnesses now is a build-up of force that compels the dark to dissipate.  This force is light.  It springs or is emitted from that which is the element within the human fiercest – it is the force of love.

It is not that the darkness is gone.  Here is the part still undone.  Humanity will now be directed by a force of light – Gaia as well.  The opportunity to see humanity’s compassionate heart rule the population is ours. …from our view, it is imminent.

We wish you honor and congratulations.  We know that the love of the human heart has been the power right along.

We do not see dates or the passage of precise days.  We see energy and movement.

I see what you are sending.  It is a sphere, a planet, earth? There is darkness on it. There is light sort of growing and easing out the darkness.
This is not light from a star but somehow from within – swirls of light sort of growing and pushing back darkness. (Sophia)

This light is the light sparked by humanity’s love.  It is this that we see.  The power grows from within. It is this we wanted to say. …it is your heart that is the light.

Be aware this happens and is now possible because of you.  You are the light that compels the end of this darkness.  You are the power beneath the shift of your world, and this break-through is imminent.

We anticipate a bit of chaos.  We want to say (that) out of the chaos will come something new and it is the power of your light that brings it forth.

Well done human, well done. (This was human as a race and not personal)

And from 8.12.2016
The buildup and assorted explosive reactions are small versions of what Gaia is experiencing.  You become now one with her. This is accomplished as you proceed in your daily life.

The human …is designing this shift and movement of consciousness completely in the realm in which he rests. This assumption of physicality and mortality becomes the driving point home now.  This happens here, on earth, as you live and die and love and fight.  This happens in the smallest of moments and the most cataclysmic of events.  Above all – this happens within humanity itself.  It does not occur elsewhere.

What it asks of you is a declaration of your wholeness, your sovereignty, your power.  …what needs to end will end.  It will end in its own “time”.

You cannot hurry this or force this.  It is an eruption of power and transcendence.

As you observe Gaia she takes her cues from you.  The controllers have left and what remains is speaking now.

This shift occurs.  Each element pushes it along and it happens.

This occurs now.  Your lives are forever changing not outside of you but because of you. This feels moments away.  It will look as you design it to look.

This means you may or may not be accompanied by the humans with you now – the concept of family, of what is acceptable and necessary and preferable alters as you reach deep and pull out your empowered greater versions of who you choose to be.

You may find the things fed to you by others no longer are even appetizing now.  You may find yourself not hungry at all or insatiable.

The point is – (It) all changes here. (It) all changes now.  (It) all changes because you change.  You, the human, are this shift. You, the human, direct this shift and announce its timing with your every action.  Gaia gets her cues from you. The sun too watches and waits, poised for his part to be introduced.

…the timing is yours and when you decide you are ready – you shift. These extreme energies are about at their highest intensity right now.  Change is imminent.

That concludes the messages from these last few days.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.
With so much love,

PS Here is an excerpt from The Guardian, now both in e-book and paperback formats.
Note that phrasing and even spelling has been kept as it was originally given.  English was not this Guardian’s first language.  This is a quote of his (from Chapter 4):

“There are 2 main Sources of knowledge and one “Oversource”, “The Prime Sources”.

Source Order is what is known to lightworkers, this is the main Source of receiving Universal Knowledge from and through light, it is the Source of knowledge which restructuring the molecules in matter to be in order. Like You saw this on a water, if Good words are said, the molecules changes to beautiful symmetrical structures.

Source Chaos is the source which is on the other side of this world residing in the second “dark world” the world of antimatter which is completely parallel to this world of matter and have a great influence on this world as well, is the Source which desynchronizes synchronicity, collapses order of molecules and create chaos in it.
“From this second world’s point of view” this world is dark and the Source in this world is considered as chaos to all inhabitants of world of antimatter. Because the effects of two worlds on each other have destructive capabilities on each ones structure. The energies from two worlds are “incompatible” and they are trying to annihilate each other instantaneously. The emptiness, considered as darkness of space is this influence of the second world. The terms “dark matter” and “dark energy” are not called this way without a reason.
From this everlasting battle of two worlds comes the duality of reality and Consciousness.”

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