Vickie Howie – 5 Reasons You Should Wear & Use Crystals – 8-3-16


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If you’re a fan of Ralph Smart of Infinite Waters Diving Deep, you should know that Ralph is a big fan of crystals. He wasn’t always, though. One day he walked into a mystical bookshop in Venice Beach, California and there was a huge, beautiful, powerful crystal. In that moment, everything shifted.

Since then, Ralph has been a convert. In this video, he gives you…

5 Reasons You Should Wear and Use Crystals

1) They Look amazing and feel good. Ralph’s favorite is amethyst — a white and violet crystal associated with the crown chakra.

2) They’ve done wonders for technology and are reliable.

3) They may help you heal. Ralph says they’ve definitely helped him.

4) They can be used as a sort of ally or friend. You can touch them or stare at them and they bring you mystical awareness.

5) They are teachers. Each one carries a different vibration and can teach you something different.

How do you choose the right one? Ralph’s advice is to pick the one that most resonates with you intuitively. That is the one that will be right for you.

In an article I wrote about healing with chakra stones a few years back, I offered the same advice, so it’s got to have some validity, right?

Feel free to comment below about and share your favorite crystals and your experiences with them.


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