Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tana – PART 2 – METATRON MESSAGE TO ME AND TO ALL THE CHILDREN OF LIGHT – 7-20-16


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PLEASE NOTE: The following message is an excerpt from a personal reading (Ultimate Guidance Reading) that I had employed Jocelyn Joy Thomas to do for me (JoysReadings). It was recorded so it took me about a week to transcribe it and then I realized that this part of the message to me from Metatron was meant to be shared with all those who come to my website. May you be uplifted and inspired as I have been by the message.

With love from my heart,


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 It is Metatron. I am happy to speak with you! I want you to know that the work that you do has been benefiting others in ways that you cannot imagine and that the work that you continue to do and will do in the future, will have an even greater impact. Each time you involve yourself in this work, you become brighter in your Light and this Light is shared by all. You help to spark the Light in the person that you are working with and they in turn do this with others so it has a happy chain effect of Lighting up one after another after the other. This is what your life work is all about, bringing out the Light! The more that you see that you do this; the better your work will be. The more you are able to connect with your own Light and the brighter you become, the more able you will be to show others their Light, to connect it and connect it – on and on and on.

You might feel that you have to be turned on in a certain way to be able to do this and it is like being able to tune into a radio station where you have to find that right frequency but even when you are in a low vibration state, you’re still emitting Light, it’s just that its not as clean and bright. It’s kind of like trying to see a Light on a foggy day versus seeing one on a clear day. The difference is that thoughts can obscure the Light, thoughts become moods, moods become patterns, so you clear these things out so that your Light stays bright and then you are able to be a Lightworker with a clear bright Light, not only helping others to see their own, but shining your own so brightly so that they can find you.

Imagine that there are many people that are groping around in the darkness on a dark and foggy night but if you shine your Light very brightly, they can see. It’s like they are ships and you are the Lighthouse and they know where land is. The Guiding Light, that is what you are. So you must always remember this when you are doing your work and try to centre yourself before you begin, find that Light within and then direct it, and of course, you know that you do this without the mind, you know that you allow the thoughts just come through you and you know that when you do that, you are opening yourself up so that the guidance for this person or people who need to hear it the most, come through.

 The Temple of Truth needs your Light and so – one of the steps you need to take to achieve this is that anything that obscures your Light no longer has sway over you. Work to clear out any lower energies, any thought forms that are negative, any self doubt, any feelings of lack, anything at all – fears, resistance, anything that hinders you and allow yourself to become a pure Light. This is how you can bring yourself into fuller awareness and in this state; you will see things from an entirely different perspective. You will receive guidance clearly and strongly and you’ll know what needs to be done because the experiences will come and go and therefore what needs to be done will change, but ultimately what needs to be done is to clear your Light as best as you can and to shine it as bright as you can as you follow the directions as they come in.

There will be others that come to help you – do not do this alone and those others, too, will have bright lights and those others too, will know that they must follow the directions that they feel from Spirit and that when you do this, you are all going in the right direction. Some of you may go here and some of you may go there, everybody has their own path, you see, but its all leading towards the same place and this is something that is pre-planned, something that your souls intended before incarnating, something that has been thought of and talked of and planned for quite some time.

This time period now on Earth provides a very special opportunity and therefore, many Lightworkers from many different planetary systems have come to assist in this. There are also many Lightworkers that had not planned on incarnating ever again who decided to come back again. Some of these people, these Lightworkers, people from other systems – have become quite lost on this particular planet, they are not accustomed to being here, they feel they do not fit in, they often suffer from depression, they can sometimes suffer from addiction in order to try to numb or cope, they can often go through relationships where they are being taken advantage of because of their bright Light…in other words, they have gone through quite the adversity and so it is important to shine your Light now, a beacon, helping them to come back, come back to themselves, come back to the Light, remember who they are, remember why they came here and remember, that together in unity, you will accomplish the mission you set out to do – which sadly, many have forgotten but you can remind them, that’s part of your mission.

I AM Metatron

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