Steve Beckow – Gradually Ascending – 7-10-16


Again, this is part of my ascension ethnography.

I’ve talked about the breakthroughs. But there are also bothersome conditions and embarrassing situations.

For instance, I’ve lost my memory. About as totally as I can imagine and still be functioning.

I guess I mean a certain kind of memory because I can still write. It’s become so bad that, if someone wants to have lunch with me, I have to ask them to call me the morning of.

I had a running joke with a conference-call participant. I warned him that I absolutely could not be trusted to remember to place the call at 2:00.  At 2 minutes to 2, I forgot. And I remembered with 15 seconds to spare. It was a hoot.

Today, I locked my shoulder bag in my garage. I forgot it was not outside, but inside.  As I shut the lock, I immediately sensed that something was missing and had just been locked inside.

And my cognitive skills in finding an appropriate solution were … well, Third-Dimensionally-impaired. I fumbled around. It was if I was a stranger in a strange land. I’ve forgotten all the stuff I knew about mechanical repairs, or quite a bit of other once-useful information. My mind is rapidly becoming a blank slate.

AAM once said to me that the Reval had been in the planning for much too long to allow it to go off the rails in some particular. So I’m confident that my memory will return by the time I really need it.

I’m losing touch with the Third Dimension. I know I have to let go. But letting go is challenging.

Certainly, desires hold me back. Desire for the company of certain people whom I love, desire to see the Reval occur, desire to write that one more story in me that burns to be heard and isn’t ready to come out just yet.

But I’m becoming less and less able to operate this 3D body with its 3D programming.

I watch myself eat less and less. I see less and less that I want to eat. I don’t want to go anywhere. I look forward to the time of night when I can lie on my bed and contemplate. I watch myself gradually withdrawing my attention from this world – for a time.

This is the period when mountains are no longer mountains and rivers are no longer rivers. But they’ll become mountains and rivers again.

My mind is ever drifting towards the Divine. The divine qualities, the nature of the Trinity, a world that works, peace, bliss, transformative love. I’m steeped in this conversation and it’s all coming together as a unified whole.

It isn’t as if a war was fought and won. Third Dimensionality is seeping away like the dew on the grass under the risen sun.

In the meantime I’m going to look like Charlie Chaplin. Fumbling around and trying to look competent.

Be kind to someone you see who’s struggling with their Third-Dimensional persona. If there’s a little slippage, a slight out-of-phaseness, they may just be gradually ascending.

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My Spiritual Path and quest for Ascension led me to begin Higher Density Blog in late 2012. Sharing discoveries, exploring 5D Abilities, Universe within, Unity Consciousness, New Science, Galactics, Awakening Humanity and Arts of Creation weave the fabric of Higher Density Blog.

2 thoughts on “Steve Beckow – Gradually Ascending – 7-10-16”

  1. Dearest Steve ~ Thank you so much for being so forthright, and for your deLightFULL honesty!!! I, too, am currently experiencing losing chunks of memory. The only way my HS is keeping me operational, is by giving me deeper and deeper opportunities to stay totally present in each moment and to follow my guidance-intuition immediately as it occurs. When that old ego-mind starts arguing, I’m again and again reminded to “FOLLOW MY SPIRIT WITHOUT HESITATION”. Just this morning, while I was shopping, GUIDANCE SAID TO PICK UP A BOTTLE OF ESTER-C ~ ‘but I already have some’ ~ “GET A BOTTLE OF ESTER-C” ~ ‘but the bottle I have is only half empty’ … long pause … “DO YOU RECALL YOUR GUIDANCE INSTRUCTIONS THAT YOU AGREED TO?” Sheepishly I retraced my steps half-way across the store and picked up the ESTER-C.

    Whenever I follow my guidance without hesitation, or even in a situation like this morning’s where I backtrack, I experience a huge dollop of LOVE, infusing my WHOLE SELF. That in itself is such a glorious reward that, in that moment of RECOGNITION, I experience such wonderment as to how I could possibly forget!

    Thank you for sharing your experiences. That frees me to express some of mine, thereby reinforcing all of ourSelves. With Blessings of Gratitude for ALL THAT WE ARE ~ HERE ~ NOW. ~J~


  2. Dearest Steve, I love it and laughed all the way through as I saw myself in every sentence. Go Man Go! I’m 91 yrs young and thot that way my excuse but hey not so for you. haha You look good all dressed up with your tie , etc. I sure do enjoy all your experiences. Blessings and Love, Geraldine Burden


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