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Greetings my brave ones !

I AM Ashtar , Commander of the Galactic Confederation , coming today in friendship and brotherhood as an ally . as your galactic family to bring you support and encouragement , to comfort you and assure you that we see and we know and feel the pain and the anguish and suffering of the humankind and the collective .

We are asking you again to detach yourself from the events and the news , to come and sit with us on our ships or in your heart , day or night , it matters not , and allow us to bring the healing and the soothing of your aching heart , and to fill your bodies and your being with the purest light and love that you can then send it and take it where it is needed the most . It doesn’t serve anyone if you get entangled in the fear or worries , sadness and depression , and understand that these kind of violent and seemingly unexplainable and unthinkable type of events , even if they are unnecessary and not precisely part of the Divine plan , they are speeding up the process of getting the authorities and the collective ready for our arrival and acceptance and a more visible intervention .

We are tending to all of you , our brothers and sisters , light workers , love holders , star seeds , humanoid , human , hybrids , and are eager to come and to help in any way possible , if you choose to call on us , to remove the discordant energies arising within or attached to you , to finally release all the core issues that you are working on for so long , to give more practical and day to day guiding and advice , to help you fix your car or your relationships , and I mean everything , for you are extremely precious to us and your Light and service is sorely needed at this time . 

The ones that are open to receiving us in their homes and their hearts , we are here to protect you , your families , your home , to keep you safe from any type of external interference and harm , to intervene in any difficult or dangerous situation , to take you with us  on board and remind you of who You are , for most of you are sitting with us around the table working on the most beneficial and safe way of announcing and preparing all for the big disclosure events .

You are the brave ones , our boots on the ground , working in so many ways behind the scenes and undercover and I thank you and salute you for your commitment and wonderful work and results !

I shall return soon !

Farewell for now

Author: Higher Density Blog

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