SOPHIA LOVE – As We Shift – Become The Light – 7-11-16






SOPHIA LOVE   –   As We Shift   -Become The Light  –   7-11-16


A chipmunk chases this midsummer morning along the back fence. Back and forth she scampers, turning and repeating her route over and again, moved by some inner compulsion.  Unaware of the breeze and ignoring the birdsong, she doggedly retraces her steps. What has she missed?  What has she found?

Pokémon Go, a brilliant mobile app just released, has millions of players out of their homes, their cars and their usual routines, seeking and capturing virtual Pokémon in the real world.  The streets and parks are filled with people day and night.  It seems we are all looking for something.  There was a wild “Pidgey” in my bathroom yesterday.

Perhaps this experiment, the one we’ve unknowingly been a part of, has merely capitalized on an instinct we came here with.  This idea of pursuit (in this case, pursuit of “the light”) is just too delicious.  Once it grabs hold of either man or beast, it drives everything.

It all seems propelled by an inner sense of longing.  There are the everyday desires for food, shelter, vitality, fun, sex and sleep.  There are though deeper, undefined longings.  Some will name these cravings for god or forgiveness or home.  Once found, we expect to realize a sense of finally belonging.  A sigh of relief brings an in breath of peace.  We are home.

Hiraeth is a Welsh word with no English equivalent.  It may come closer to defining what it is we are seeking; what unmet place we’ve yet to find.  This inner drive for completeness feels always someplace else.  Like the chipmunk retracing her steps and the Pokémon player on the hunt for the next one – it never ends.

So what is it?  This Hiraeth we all possess. Those who set this experiment up knew we had it.  It could be argued that the Creator was sure we all exhibited it as well. It’s the force that drives us on.  Under a certain light it may look like addiction; in another backdrop, determination or even insanity.  It is the influence that propels us and it’s here just because.

My neighbor has a pool for her baby.  You know the kind – small, round, hard blue plastic (pool, not baby).  For the last ten minutes this morning I hear the same splash, followed by the same baby giggle.  If that baby could speak it would be saying “Again!”  The word that explains it all.

It’s the word that has no reason.  Perhaps you could say it’s about what brings us pleasure. Yet there are some “agains” that do not, ultimately, do that. Self-destruction is rampant amongst humans, whether through food or habitual thought, belief or action.

What these disconnected thoughts lead to this morning is an idea that brings together “again” and “longing” and “seeking” and the end of this experiment.

We’ve been told that this is an experiment in consciousness; to see how far we’d go to reach for the light.  Those wearing the dark t-shirts have not stopped playing and we’ve seen the lengths they’ll go to succeed.  The white t shirts are ready to call it quits.  If it’s not over by mid-August, it will ABSOLUTELY BE ENDED.

This is a proposal to end it with a decision, a belief and intent.  Become the light.  Let go of searching, stop longing and give up needing something outside of yourself.  YOU ARE THE LIGHT.  Nothing else is needed.

It sounds sort of simple and it may not change your everyday behavior much.  Yet it will alter your belief and it is belief that creates our world.  If we saw ourselves as a group of light beings, (rather than a group of beings waiting or searching for the light) – everything would change.  I’ve seen and heard visions of beauty, peace and complete authenticity; our new earth.

This place exists in our heart.  We’ve all been there.  You see, life doesn’t stop once we settle there.  It expands beyond our current vision to more.

Once the more becomes our everyday, we do not stop seeking.  It is from there where we give.  All of creation is transformed in our light, just as all of our light is transformed in creation.  It starts and continues right here, with us.  It does not end.  Again!  Let’s see what we can do next. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Thank you for sharing the journey.

With so much love,

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  1. so easy to ‘forget’ this very simple truth. funny, I received the same message last night before I fell away – different words, same message: stop looking, just be. play it again, Sam. much love and thanks!


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