Terry Andrews – Shifting Timelines and New Surroundings – 7-6-16


By Terry Andrews,  New Earth Experiences

We are on the long journey back to who we are and where we come from and over the last few days, we have transitioned yet again out of the familiarity of old surroundings into something very different. It’s as different as we can handle until we get used to what it’s like, and then it changes again.

So what’s different? For one, we are now shifting realities from one moment to the next, which takes a couple of experiences to get used to. As this happens, at first you think it’s not possible, but then something inside of you lets you know it is possible and guides you to go with it and in fact to move into this new space.

When this happens, it’s good to remember we are moving out of linearity and out of the rational mind tracking process. We are moving into multidimensionality and unlimited possibility and a mind-heart-body that functions differently..

Here is an example: I was working on a project one day that I couldn’t focus on. It looked like I was going to need to spend about 3 hours on this project. I decided to put it off until the next day. That night, I didn’t sleep much but I told myself I would feel refreshed the next day and my project would somehow be easy to complete.

When I got up the next morning, I did feel refreshed and when I looked at the project, there was nothing to do. It was complete. These new experiences don’t make sense to our old 3D mind.

But all we have to do is go with them. This is the way we shift timelines. This is happening very fast now. We can have the thought, and we are in a new timeline. All we have to do is ask for it and notice it and allow it.

Plus the manifestations continue. We can have the slightest thought and there it is, whatever we were needing. Something I needed was freely gifted to me shortly after I realized I needed it. These manifestations are now happening all the time. All we have to do is know that it’s possible and then allow it to happen. And yes, it’s still surprising, but it’s also New Earth Normal.

by Jean-Luc Bozzoli www.eyewithin.com

We are growing our seeing ability. A few years ago, an intuitive friend of mine said she never knew where to sit when she came to my house because all the chairs were full of light beings. She helped me to begin to see them by telling me they were there.

Now, sometimes I notice my living room is indeed full. This beautiful illustration is similar to what I sometimes see. There is great comfort in knowing there are so many who are working with us.

I’ve had quite a few people share with me that they don’t yet see them. My sense is we will all see these beings of light at some point. There is a process we go through of opening up and letting go.

We open to new perceptions and to the possibilities that what exists is different from what we believed or were taught. We let go of those ideas that limit our perceptions. And then, we become able to see or sense or feel what lies beyond.

Eventually the new world makes way more sense than the old one, and it becomes more real.

Letting go of the old world makes it hard to participate in it. It no longer holds the appeal it once did. Much of it feels flat and uninteresting compared to the vividness and expansiveness of the new world.

Once we release our “smallness” we can no longer play small. We have to play big, and sometimes that means we don’t have a lot of playmates, because some people quite literally don’t know what we’re talking about.

And it can be hard to put such an experience as we are going through into intelligible words. I’ve explained things to people who’ve looked at me and said, they don’t have a clue what I just said.

You may have had that experience, too. Navigating the old world sometimes takes sign language. I always just hope that I remember how things work.

One day after shopping in a store and making a purchase, I tried to leave. I stepped on the mat that I thought would trigger the automatic door but the door didn’t open. I stepped off and back on.

I actually wondered if the door wasn’t picking up on my presence. I turned to the clerk who had sold me the item to say the door wasn’t working. “It’s not automatic,” he said.

Fortunately we are gaining new skills as we lose our abilities to do stuff like open doors or add numbers or keep track of time. Our intuitive skills are off the charts. So is our ability to create something by thinking about it.

We are coming into full creative power as we embrace our sovereignty and divine awesomeness and anchor our multidimensionality and cosmic-ness.

Meanwhile, we are all holding and anchoring the light where we are, linking together like pyramids and sacred sites and ley lines, creating a new high-power grid that everyone will be hooking up to. We are all part of creating this new grid that is creating a new world.

From the beings in my house today comes this message: We are with you as you create. We are linked to you in love. We connect to you through light.

Our unified message to you today is to hold this new structure in place as the old structure is de-commissioned. You are at the center of what is taking place and you will be increasingly called upon for your leadership and expertise.

So much is changing at this moment to make way for the new. Observe from your heart center and know that all is well in what you are creating. Remove yourself emotionally from the old world and this will help you to remain stable in the world you are creating and to feel and experience the joy and happiness there.

All is well, and know that what you are doing is so important. Right now, if you close your eyes, you can feel the love that we are streaming to you and that you are streaming to everyone. This live-streaming love is the new environment. Know that your heart is being opened to live-stream love at all times

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