Lisa Transcendance Brown – The Resistance We Hold On To, Creates our own Physical Suffering – by roseramblesdotorg – 7-4-16

By Lisa Brown, 07/03/2016

We awoke to StarGate activity, yet not a dialing of sequences, more “activity”…. kind like “lots a brewing”, always in the most magnificent ways…. Lots of plasma energy with these…

Last night we went out and the energy was so magnificent. Tons of peeps and while we could observe how everyone else was (some were sooo happy and others were angry), it did not affect the energy in the air, the field of consciousness….. the energy was so high, it was like they were walking around in it, unaware they were being lifted and all their stuff being pushed out of them…. So cool!

Such a magical night! Today, we have much going on, yet it is softly, gently, intentionally moving us into higher frequencies continually, steadily… higher and higher we go. The entire Physical Crystalline LightBody is being charged, lasers running through. The physical body is going through sooooooooooooooo very much to hold these higher frequencies and integrate…. It needs continual love & care…. If we do this, if we love our bodies and listen to them when they speak, it is very easy to go through this, once the physical density/separation within has cleared cellular memory and where it was deeply embedded inside of us….

The resistance we hold to this process creates our own physical suffering. It might not be comfortable at the time, yet we understand it and we get onboard and honor the process, honor the body, honor ourselves, above all. Eventually, the process no longer interferes with your human reality world and ability to function, for you have dedicated yourself to your own purposes/missions/roles for being here, and you get to injoy the experience…. in flow, with ease and in-tune as the entire universe/cosmos/galaxies here.

I was observing the frequencies earlier and comparing them to years ago. Used to be we had the sun, the moon, the planets, the earth… yet now we have a wide open everything… many galaxies frequencies activating continually …. The amount of power is beyond anything we had access to before…..

Last night we were looking at the planets, and there were 2 of everything… twin’s… it’s was absolutely amazing to experience, yet the camera I have isn’t strong enough to capture that far away. Yet we both could see it…

The more human one is, the less SOURCE light the body holds. So when we come closer to the NEW Moon, humans separate off… for their light inside seems to dim/deplete, the physical body gets heavier/more dense. The more light we hold, the less we experience this, other than brief moments or a day of “physical density”, there is not usually separation within experienced anymore. Yet we can observe how human everyone else is, how separated, when they go back to their human patterns & themes to play out… It’s definitely interesting …. and these energies bring deep inner reflection, more remembering for those who go inward and pull away….. It can be beautiful or tough, depending on how you choose to experience for you.

Everything occurs exactly perfectly, as it’s meant to be. Our presence, our awareness, our focus, our allowance (or not) is what dictates our experiences here.

Today, the frequencies have lots of SOLar wind weaving through everything. These can bring sleep for many. It’s what I call the “lullaby” affect…. Lots of photonic cellular moving inside the body….. Pineal, neural pathways, spine and heart/chest area are huge with these. Throat & ears too. Vision & eyes. More higher consciousness energetic communication upgrades too!

Now we have gravity going as we lift…. Happy everything!!! 

p.s. After the NEW Moon we usually get slammed with massive solar activity and high frequency winds…. just fyi for those who experience this. We have to work with the energies to accomplish now, as brain work doesn’t work in most of these higher frequencies. I personally have to cut everything else out to get the tech work done everyday, in flow with the rapidly shifting energies. I’ve had to do this for years, yet the amount of “time” we can do intense logical work keeps getting less & less, so we have to maneuver with more Mastery here. 

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Teacher/Coach/Guide, Author, Transformational Speaker, Master of all things Energy…

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  1. Good one, Lisa! I totally resonate with this offering. For me, yesterday was a BIG BOOM day ~ including the fireworks at the end. Epiphany after AHA!!! after HEART HEART HEART knowing. Today is very quiet within (and without, also). Mental band feels disconnected ~ perhaps new wiring to replace the old, fried circuitry. Being with it all ~ US ALL ~ in GRATITUDE FOR ALL THAT IS.



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