Steve Beckow – How Were the Divine Feminine and Masculine Designed to Work? – 7-2-16

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The world is descending into chaos around us and I’m talking about the divine masculine. Why? What’s the point?

Well, apparently, it’s exactly because the divine masculine has not been operating as it should have been that the world is in such a mess today.

By “divine masculine,” I don’t mean “men.” “Divine masculine” is not a gender quality.

It’s a divine quality, shared by men and women. There are probably many women who’ve fully developed their divine masculine, in concert with their divine feminine.

What follows is my personal view.

Instead of being the exploiter of women and the divine feminine, the divine masculine was supposed to be the protector of them.

Instead of being the scourge of world society, the divine masculine was intended to be its shepherd, its protector, its impenetrable barrier against attack.

Instead of leading us into more and more poverty, homelessness, and war, the divine masculine was supposed to lead us out of them. The divine masculine failed in all of these.

The divine male was intended, among other things, to protect the divine feminine because, as the design theory went, the divine female is vulnerable during pregnancy and for the first few years of the baby’s life. (1)

For there to be a balance between the two divine aspects, not only in society but also within the individual (known as “androgyny”), many changes have to happen in our society, as far as I can see.

The divine masculine – or perversions of it – whose failing caused so much suffering, is now called upon to turn around and use their capabilities like courage and perseverance to take society in an altogether different direction. And that direction this time will follow the lead of the divine feminine.

If these words resonate with you – honor, dignity and integrity; courage, perseverence, and determination – then chances are you have a soul contract to manifest and demonstrate the divine masculine – be you man or woman.

You could be here as a shining example of it or you could be here to perfect the quality in yourself.

Most men I know are usually working on applying their masculine qualities rather than acquiring knowledge of them. None of us have any answers yet … that I’m aware of.

What we do have is something that seems to be thought of as male – will.  We have determination, stick-to-itness, doggedness.

And we’re willing to take the risk on behalf of the whole.  And our families and communities.

Left to our own devices, the divine masculine would, together with the community, envision a future, based on the best information, and then exert the willpower needed to bring that vision into reality. We may or may not be the architect of any one vision, but we’re the builders.

The future we envision this time is to see the reintroduction of the divine feminine into the halls of power and influence, from which they were shut out by the divine masculine, vilified, and in some instances killed, for millennia.  Then we intend to do a lot of listening. Out of that listening – and sharing – we hope will come a vision for Nova Earth.

When we as a society have enunciated it, led, if they so choose, by the divine feminine (women and men), then the divine masculine (men and women) get to work constructing it. That, as far as I can see, is the intended program for this cycle and the intended division of labor.

So, in my opinion, it’s time to reintroduce the divine feminine quickly and the divine masculine slowly – and with sober vision. The builders aspired to become the gods and have been shown their error.  If they don’t behave past the point of reading this, they’re just plain foolish.

For those among them that have learned their lesson, or never needed to learn it in the first place, time for us to listen.


(1) And since ancient generations reportedly had shorter life spans and the family meant much more to them than it does to us, I believe the child-bearing years might have assumed a much greater importance to them than to us, shaping many of their life customs, including everything to do with protection. But I’m guessing.

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