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Andrew Bartzis

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Separation of Densities….takes place Now…Cosmic mitosis on macro and micro level.

Before this world to transform, the differences between human beings are becoming increasingly apparent: to recognize light and darkness as light as darkness; the awakened ones can be distinguished clearly, distinguishing correct while unconscious human beings lack this clarity.

The gap between human beings will continue to increase until the gap will become insurmountable, then the world will be separated and will take their places in this new galaxy.


As above so below… we are a micro version of the Cosmic Cells in perpetuum motion and transformation.

The 4 major Stages of Mitosis,Ascension!
4Telophase) …..
But are 7 stages entire..
1.Interphase ,
7.Cytokinesis which complete the division,separation,bilocation,multiduplication ,the new birth of the Cosmic Cells,Earth`s Cells,Human`s Cell,Stone`s Cell,Animal,Plants,Mineral cells etc….are related with the 7 steps of initiation,7 steps to Heaven,Golden Age!

The 4 major stages of Mitosis are related with the 4 Stages of Yugas(KALI YUGA-Iron age,DVAPARA YUGA – or the Bronze age,TRETA YUGA – also called the Silver age,SATYA YUGA-the Golden age) … Alchemical transformation stages,steps inside of us!



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