An Energetic Summer Mélange on Starship Earth – 6-25-16


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I saw this on Starship Earth: The Big Picture, and thought I would share this with you. Although, Molly, the author of Starship Earth who lives outside of Phonix is seeing weird things in the desert, so am I while living in Oregon along the Columbia River. I AM right smack dab in the midst of the Ring of Fire!

The weather here has been unpredictable. Some days the weather is hot, the next down right cool! Not only is the weather funky, but some of the folks I know seem to have a hard time settling into a “normal” state of Being. Volcanoes are not the only explosive thing out there these days!

So…please read this article, determine how “Brexit” is going to shape your world, and…



Starship Earth: The Big Picture

The halcyon days of summer (in the Northern hemisphere) are in full swing with mixed reviews and experiences. Some get floods. Some get heat.

The robust energies of the solstice may be having unanticipated effects as things are not “normal” around here. It’s only June but already so hot you could roast a wiener on the wind—and we’ve had plenty of that, too. It’s been as high as 118 F in the far reaches of the Valley of the Sun where I am but even higher in the city, and that wind has been welcome on the hottest days.

Last Friday night I was hit with a potent something or other that had me shivering violently for three hours until 3 a.m. and I finally commanded, “Enough already! Stop your quaking and be still. I need to sleep!” And it stopped, and I had three hours rest but woke feeling like I was hit by a truck. I dragged myself around all day, had a short nap and even went to work that night but they sent me home early. I was so tired I had to sit down.

Since then …



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