L’Aura Pleiadian -Seeing clearly the True Purpose of Your Ascension


L’Aura Pleiadian   -Seeing clearly the True Purpose of Your Ascension


As the Light of the new day emerges from the darkness of night ( as I am writing this) so too, the smaller self and the Higher Self, may appear as two distinct Beings (night and day) residing in your awareness. This may be a conscious or unconscious experience. Let yourself feel this writing, allowing a shift in your energy as you read.

Being attentive to what is going on within you. Helps you to be conscious of what is the predominant you in your existence now. Is it your Divine Self that is having the right of way. Or are you living with the smaller self you, having its way.

Living as your Divine Self in form, experiencing the arriving of your Awareness as a Divine Being is a completely different way of existing on Earth, compared to what you are consciously used to.

Living as the one that still feels sadness, doubt, wants to know and figure things out and have its way, is what may feel more comfortable to you. As you have predominantly lived that way, for many lifetimes.

The deep question is, do you feel the difference within you, consciously, when the shifting back and forth occurs, within your consciousness.

As the smaller self you, dissolves into the Divine You, there is less and less, of the old ways and patterns.

Less of the you, that wants to choose. That is trying to figure all of this out.

As when that you, dissolves into the Divine Ascended You, there is a calmness, a clear knowingness, of your one true Purpose.

That is, living free from the struggle, the attempts to understand. Recognizing those very attempts, are the ways through which the smaller self, creates confusion, and draws you back into the old patterns.

I am not referring to, using control to make this happen. Quite the opposite. We do not use the smaller self ways as the means to live as Divine. That is more of the endless struggle. Attempts at control, which only leads to more confusion and trying to figure it out. That route is endless. It is the never-ending seeking, that keeps you seeking.

I am referring to, your full awakening.

When you see clearly, the smaller you attempts, to still hold on to the old ways.

When you consciously VIEW this, within yourself, through the eyes of the Heart of your Higher Self, your Higher self you, loves the old patterns, into itself.

This is the way.

These words that have appeared before you as words, please do not struggle to understand them. There is no need, that would be only more of the smaller self attempts to control outcome.

Instead, breathe and feel energetically what is going on within you now.

Are you feeling on some deeper level within you, a shift is taking place?

Are you conscious of your breath? Of your Heart, more now?

Are you feeling the presence and relief that comes with that ( a deep sense of relaxation) as your Higher Self Presence, your Divine Presence, is more deeply and consciously awakened, within your cellular consciousness.

Your DNA respond to your Higher Self stimulus through relaxation and your breath.

Yes your DNA also respond to the old patterns, set in motion, for many lifetimes.

Overriding that, is the One True Purpose, which is your Ascension. The overriding I am referring to, is the dissolving through the love of your Higher Self, the old struggling ways. That only lead to more struggling and need to control. It was not going to get you to your Higher Self. Your Ascension.

So you let go more and more. You relax more and more. You feel your breath more and more. You experience longer periods of time, free from habitual patterns of thought. Free from having to figure anything out.

Then you see, clearly, the vision your Ascended Self had for you all along. The vision is your Destiny. Your one true Purpose is living as your Divine Ascended Being. Living as your Higher Self. The letting go of a way of being that survived as struggle itself.

Your Divine Self way (Higher Self) is the way through which you Ascend. We do not use 3D ways to ascend.

We allow all to be dissolved, into the Pure Love of our Higher Self Love. We let go. WE see clearly, yes that is Divine and Higher. Oh that struggle over there and here, yes that is the smaller self attempts to figure it out. We see, we love, we allow the Love to be the predominant force, through which we change. Through which we surrender. Through which we fulfill our one true purpose.

Living as Divinity. As we already are. To live completely as the love that dissolves and transforms everything. We live as the breath of God that breathes in and out, the miracle of Divinity. In form. As Heaven on Earth. And so it is. Now. Breathe and feel.

Heaven within

Eternal Love and Bliss!


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