Heaven Letter #5691 – The Sun Emblazoned in Your Heart – 6-24-16


God said:

The Sun clears the way for you. The Sun enters your heart and lights it up. In your mind right now, pick up the Sun in your hands and scoop the Sun into your heart. The Sun will fill your heart, and happiness will be yours.

There isn’t anything you can’t do with the Sun Emblazoned in Your Heart.

Where did you think the sun belongs if not in your heart? Vitamin D is all well and good, yet a blazing unmistakable sun in your heart is the Mainstay of a Bright Golden Orb from every heart shining out to every heart. This is love. This is You. This is what your heart is meant for – to send beacons of light, Light Crisscrossing from Heart to Heart.

And, of course, imagine too placing the Light of the Sun into your mind as well. When it comes to the Light of the Sun, your heart and mind are One, perfectly balanced and in tune with each other. Lit by the Sun, there is no argument between heart and mind. The heart and the mind don’t tug at each other, trying to find themselves. Heart and mind are in perfect harmony. When there is harmony, where can disharmony exist?

As your heart and mind are filled with the Light of the Sun, there is no separation, no tension between them. Filled with the Light of the Sun, what on Earth could heart and mind be in conflict about? The heart becomes the Sun, and the mind becomes the Sun. There is no telling heart and mind apart. They are no longer located because they have become One. There is no mind to stretch, no heart to please. As One, heart and mind are perfectly pleased. There is no difference between them.

Oneness doesn’t argue with itself. The Oneness of what once were Heart and Mind is like a single arrow that now hits its target, or it is like a shot out of a cannon that makes inner and outer One. The Sun bursts forth like the Sun, and the Universe is alight.

Intelligence isn’t even needed because Intelligence is. There is no getting away from Intelligence. Consciousness Is. You are Consciousness. You are the Sun of Life. You are the Sunshine, and you shine.

You light up the world. You are the Light of the World. This is not the first time you have heard this.

The sun that shines doesn’t have to think about itself and what it does. The Sun IS the Sun. There is nothing to think about. The Sun Shines, and the world is bathed in light, as you are bathed in light. You ARE the Light of the Sun. You reflect the Light that you are. In Truth, you were never anything else but a Bright Light whichever land you are in the world or out of the world.

In the world, you have a lot on your mind. In Heaven and on Earth, you simply beam. What more do you want? And what else does the world want but your Light rotating around it and brightening the entire Threshold of the World?

You are the Threshold. You are the Sun shining in every heart.

All is Light. There is no darkness. There are no cover-ups. There is no dross. There is no tarnish. There is nothing but Light, and Light is Infinity. Your spirit rolls over in Infinity. Your spirit soars in Infinity. You are Infinity. You are the Light of Infinity. You are a Sun that does not set. You are a Sun Risen that the Universe hails. You have thought that the Universe provides for you. You provide for the Universe. You are the Sun, and you are the sum-total of the Universe.

You have had a different sort of picture of yourself. As you place the Sun in your heart and mind, you are the One Sun That Shines on All. Hear the beat of the Metronome of the Sun. Experience the Tom-Tom of the Sun as it pulses in your heart for all to hear.

Author: Higher Density Blog

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