Gregg Prescott @ – It’s Already There – Which World Will You Choose? – 6-20-16

Choose Your World


Gregg Prescott @   –   It’s Already There – Which World Will You Choose?   –   6-20-16


In regard to the New Earth, your ability to perceive reality determines which world you are living in.

While we sometimes feel like we are muddled in a 3rd dimension reality, we are transitioning between two worlds; 3rd dimensional Earth and the New Earth.  According to Julia Cannon, daughter of the late past life regression hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon, the Universe is “simple” and only requires you to believe in that the New Earth has already been created.

“How you choose to look at it determines what world you are in,” stated Julia.

It’s all about your frame of mind.

So, if all of these calamities are happening right now, does that mean we are still on the Old Earth? Julia stated that the two earths are superimposed right now and the New Earth can see the Old Earth, which is why we can see “choice” because we are moving between dimensions right now.

When seeing war and other 3rd dimensional activities, Julia stated that one must ask themselves, “Is this really happening in my world?”  Once you become emotionally invested into 3rd dimensional realities, it becomes reality.

Even the thought of this being a transitional process creates the idea that it hasn’t happened yet.  One must believe in the shift and choose their own reality.

The shift has already happened. You will see it when you believe it.


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