Regarding Ted Mahr’s Galactic Conference in Olympia, Washington –

Both Zaraya and Zorra experienced much acknowledgement and recognition from past associates – who do we know that Zorra healed visibly? –
Ted Mahr tested ocean water in California, Washington and Oregon.
Results?  “NO RADIATION!” Also verified in Japan. –
Zorra told of Mars’ blue skies, lakes –
and NASA has now admitted to the “orange filter.” –
Good news for Cetaceans… Naval sonar has stopped!
Whale hunting stopped. Ceased rounding up dolphins –
Sea World no longer exploiting them for “entertainment,” releasing them.. – No “Killer shock wave from Sun! – Mt Adams major underground city/space port – RV: updating current negotiations – Obama current status –
Neil Keenan comments not regarding current Dunford Republic –
Orlando clarification, some actors, some ascended –
Why would healed status revert? –
DNA video will be posted showing we are all One –
Joan of Arc is…? – NESARA… “IS!”
How exchange in Europe? –
How valid is Corey Goode / Wilcock? –
When is Obama’s Mission done? –
When will Muslim global infiltration cease? – Q & A  


After the call, telephone replay: 1 641-715-3589 +771358# Ref No: 49#  

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