Heavenletter #5685 – You Are a Dancer of Light – 6-18-16

God Is Love 2
God said:

You’re not waiting for the world to inspire you, are you? Better that you inspire yourself, and so inspire the world.

This is not a performance I speak of. You are a cheerleader, yet you don’t twirl a silver baton. Greater than a cheerleader, it so happens that you are a Being of Consciousness.

When you light a candle, the light from your candle shines on all. Furthermore, because of you, others have the ability to light their candles from yours. The light you bring to the world is multiplied hand over fist. Your consciousness lights up the world. Consciousness lives!

Do not hide from this lighting up any longer.

Beloveds, you are not on parade. You are not a production. You are the Real Thing. You are a Light Bearer. You are a World-Brightener. You are the Light of the World that was announced so long ago. Be it.

You don’t need horns and trumpets. When you are lit, the room lights up. Your light serves. Your light isn’t privately owned. It is impossible not to share your light. Get out there and share it.

If I am Light, it is you who are shining My light.

You are not to hide it. You are to spark the world. You are the light switch of the Universe. Your Being reflects My Light.

Take a deep breath. Be comfortable with lighting up the world. It is inevitable that you will do this. It is automatic. You are Divine Light, and so you shine.

This is everyone’s destiny. This is your destiny. Your light is going on all over the world. Spectacular!

Don’t tell Me that the world isn’t getting brighter. Don’t tell Me you don’t see more smiling going on, more friendliness, more gentleness right before your eyes. Don’t tell Me that your own life is not interrupted more with a greeting that you have long longed for. This sensitivity issues from you as well.

Don’t tell Me that the world hasn’t changed right before your very eyes.

There is much in the world that has reversed itself. Look for it, and pass it on.

You have a place in this world. It has been kept open for you. Enter this place now, and bless the world and everyone in it. Bless yourself.

Who in the world cannot use more blessings? Not the least is you.

You are prominent in this world. There are no exceptions. There are no excuses. Pick up the beat of My Heart now. Catch on. Get the beat.

There is a Dance Step in life that you are learning. Observe.

Stand before the world and enter this dance. Dance before the Universe. This is not a little thing you do. This is pre-eminent. The Earth is here for you to dance on. Get those legs moving. No more holding back.

Do not think that you are faking. No, you are living. You have been sitting on the throne long enough. Get up from the throne. Surprise the world and yourself. You are a Dancer of Love, and. so, you dance. This is how you find out Who you are, not by sitting, but by dancing. A dancer dances. You are a Dancer of Light.

You are to wait for no one. You certainly are not to wait for yourself.

Do not tell yourself that you are waiting for Me to go first. You are first in line. You are the Trumpeter of the World.

It is you the world is waiting for. Turn yourself upside down and inside out and dance as you have never danced before.

Your heart dances. Love dances. You are an Inceptor of Love. You are a Dance Teacher. Even if you never danced before, now you dance to the Beat of My Heart.

Light of Heart, now you see that you are also Light of Foot.

Make your statement now. Awaken the world, and awaken yourself.

You are not a tiny fragment of the world. You are the world. You are the One I have sent.

Light those candles. Let the Flame of Love light up your eyes. It is your turn now. See how good it feels.

Okay, you’re on.

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