Kauilapele Message 6-13-16… for Awareness only… there may be some energetic Pilikia going on – 6-13-16

150731_kp_mauna_kea_sun_P1010142_crop_150_75Pilikia means something like “trouble”, “mischief”.

I bring this up because it seems a fair number of Light-type workers/players are occasionally getting a fair amount of what might be considered severe energetic Pilikia. I’ve had a few minor things happening, which formerly would have brought forth strong emotional reactions (anger, fear, piss-offedness, etc.). However, now, I’m just dealing with them, and laughing at them.

Someone I know has had to take a journey into a hospital for a few days. Tubes in here, tubes out there, and so on. There’s been a lot of laughter going on, and sitting outside in the sun for healing. This contrasts greatly with the “standard” hospital “fixing” environment: fluorescent lights, tubes flying all over the place, injections of unnecessary crap, and sitting inside, and making sure you are playing the “victim patient” role (that’s usually done by doctors). However, the one about whom I write does not play those games, and is taking nutritional supplements and teaching the staff about nutrition and what all those supplements actually do and why they don’t have to take vaccines for this, pharmaceuticals for that, and so on.

The message I received from this person is that apparently there are entities around that are trying, in a last ditch effort, to “mess up” the operations of Light workers and Energy players. Apparently, it’s a pretty planet-wide effort. Which of course will fall short.

This is posted simply for awareness. I say,

Go with the flow, and laugh as you go.”

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