ANCIENT AWAKENINGS – LORD SANANDA – THE 3rd WAVE IS THE ONE! – – Message from Saint Germain – 6-5-16



This 3rd Wave Is the ONE!

~ Sananda



June 5 2016

Greetings everyone,

We had another great call with Hollow Earth Network on Sunday with Sananda, Saint Germain, OWS and Ashira giving messages and answering questions. Prior to the call, we had our discussion time with those members present and over the phone with many sharing their experiences from our “Advance” this past weekend. Several people shared their healing experiences and how they continue to still have marked and in some cases extraordinary healings.

According to the messages given, we are now in the midst of the 3rd wave with the crescendo being the Summer Solstice when many more will begin to awaken from their deep slumber and mass consciousness will take another leap forward as well as the rise of frequencies across the planet. So we all just need to hang in there a little while longer and continue to go with the flow. And as they keep saying, “get ready to enjoy the show”!

If you are planning to attend our next Wednesday or Sunday groups whether in person or by phone and have not yet RSVP’d, please do so as soon as you can. A big thank you goes out to Lee Binder from Germany who provided us with a partial transcription which includes Sananda and Saint Germain’s messages as well as one question and answer. The rest of the question/answer session is ommitted but you can listen to it by going to or our Ancient Awakenings website.

Enjoy and Be in joy and get ready to watch the show.

Love and light,

(Note: these messages were given during our Sunday Ancient Awakenings joint call with Hollow Earth Network over Blog Talk Radio in Glendale, AZ on June 5, 2016)

Believing Is Seeing!




Sananda, Saint Germain and One Who Serves
channeled by James McConnnell

Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco


This 3rd Wave Is the ONE!




his is Sananda. Always wonderful to be here with you in this way to reach out to so many across the entire planet. These times that you are in now, they are momentous times; they are times that have been in the works for a long long time, and you yourselves know why you are here – most of you know why you are here. You know how long you have been going through these various changes that are happening now.

And as you have heard many times, all is about to change. You are moving up fast on this third wave to come across the planet, that is already on you now. But the major part of it is not yet here, but it is coming. And once it hits, it is going to wash across the entire planet just as the first wave and the second wave did; but this third Wave is THE ONE! This is THE ONE that will bring all the momentum. This is the one that will raise vibrations for all involved, not only the first wavers and the second, but those that are just now awakening and ready to awaken. They will be caught up in this wave, in this tsunami of love.

And many of you now are beginning to experience – many of you that are listening now, many of you that resonate to these words are beginning to experience many changes in your lives. You are beginning to see things that you haven’t seen before; you’re being able to get what have been called the glimpses through the veil as the veil is thinning and dropping. Many of you are experiencing healing in various types, in various ways. And that healing is going to continue, those glimpses are going to continue. Until at a certain point, when what you call The Event, when this happens, the veil will be gone. Healing will be immense and available to all, both energetically as it is now, and also through your various sciences, as the medical science you know now ceases to be as it is and becomes what it can be. It is a brave new world we are approaching, the new Golden Age of Light.

The Guardian of the new Dispensation was going to be here today, but it has been postponed for now, for various events are occurring still behind the scenes, yes… but now beginning to come out into the open. You are hearing many more stories of various personalities out there, that are having their times, their times of travail, whereas once before they had none. The balance that has been spoken of so many times is coming over this planet, and you, the Lightworkers… you, the ones that share the light, you are the ones that are bringing this about… you are the ones that are spreading the light everywhere you go, without your even knowing it in many cases. Wherever you walk when you are out in public, you spread the light, you spread your energies. And those energies, that light moves into the next one next to you and to the next one and to the next one. And the light continues to spread, and an awakening continues to happen.

For those that are asleep will not be asleep much longer. You will notice across the planet a grand awakening is in the process of happening. Many more are hearing the time clock, the alarm clock go off deep within their hearts, and they are awakening from their long slumber; and it is time now, it is time for all to awaken.

And you, you are the catalysts for this. So you have come to do a mission, and you have succeeded beyond expectations in this mission. Many of you came with me a long time ago, and it is now time to reach the finish, for all is about to change.

I will leave you now. St. Germaine will come in and speak about NESARA… that it is also about to unfold. Peace and Love be with all of you. Continue on on this journey of light.



I AM Saint Germain. It is wonderful to be here with you as each time I can share with so many… so many wonderful and loving beings that are primed for all that is about to occur.

You have heard for so long now, many years, of these changes. And you hear often, that these changes are upon you when I tell you now, is, St. Germaine, the I AM presence, is coming over ALL. And these changes are going to be remarkable. You hear, many of you hear about the Republic, and how what was going to be a wonderful Republic of the United States of America, has turned into the corporation of the United States of America; and under the circumstances, that is to be understood. But their time is at an end now. For what has been prophesied is now to be: the Republic that I, myself, helped to foster in the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the forming of this New Republic.

This is about to be announced to this country and eventually to the world. There are but only a few remaining items on the agenda before this can occur. But those that have been stopping this, those ones that we call the “cabal,” have reached their end of being able to hold anything back – their power has diminished greatly, their power over you, their control. For that is what they have been all about is control and power, increasing to more power and more power, but at a certain point they have reached the end of how their power can be; and their power, as they know it, is diminished, and the New Republic or the Old Republic… what was to be… is now going to be.

And along with this is the great new program called NESARA – National Economic Security and Reformation Act. It has been in the planning stages for a long time, has been held back from you, the public, for a long time as well. For several decades it has been in the planning stages, and many times it was about to be announced and was held back for one reason or another. But those reasons, they have come to an end. They can no longer hold it back. And the one you know as the “Disclosure President,” who has always been that Disclosure President, and is still that one. Nothing has changed, even though it appears he has been working for the dark, he has really been working for the light. And at some point you will understand this – ALL will understand this. He has made an amazing sacrifice to be able to bring this about, for in order for all of this to happen, there first had to be a complete breakdown, or a seeming breakdown, of the seeming republic that you have had.

For many are asleep to this; many believe it is America as it has always been and meant to be. But the America that you know now is not the America that was meant to be. The world that you know now, the planet that you know, is not the way it is meant to be. So NESARA is close to being announced, as is the Republic. It is all done in the background and only waiting on that final signal that all has to come forth, and then the I AM presence that all of you resonate to and that resonates within you will come to the forefront, and you will all know who you are and what you are all about.

I AM Saint Germain, and I leave you with all the Peace and Love you all deserve, as the whole planet is about to move through the tremendous change that will be rigged up in your history books for ages to come, and you will know that you were a part of its beginning: the end of the old age and of the beginning of the New Age.

I AM Saint Germain. Peace and Love be with all of you.




Lee: Namasté and thank you, One Who Serves and Ashira, and Sananda and Saint Germain in the background. This is Lee, currently from Lake Constance, southern Germany.

My question is about the Light Healing Chambers. I’m aware that the master-plan is constantly being adapted to the needs and circumstances of each current “Now.” Still, the Company of Heaven has very clear visions.

Do you know and can you please share with us, what the current goal is? How soon AFTER the Tsunami of Love crescendo event, to have the Healing Chambers made available to the general public?


Largely, after The Event, after many of these changes have gone through and disclosure has happened, and all of these things… and there’s our beginning of landings and this…  THEN these Healing Chambers will be open.

But, prior to this, there are already various devices, healing devices, that are coming into the understanding of man here now. They are being released, very slowly in some respects, but they are coming out. Many new technologies are about to be released. So you have those technologies, as well as, once the landings begin and all of this, then you would be able to go up on the ships and into Hollow Earth.

You will be invited down into there, and on into the Cities of Light, as well. And there will be these Healing Chambers, these Crystal Healing Chambers in all of them, and they are meant for you. When you go into them, they are resonating only to you, not to anyone else, so they will resonate to your consciousness. Your consciousness will mix with the consciousness within the device itself, within the crystals, and that all of this, itself, and there will be a healing process that happens, as well as what you hear of in terms of rejuvenation and all of those things. And… to move you along in the ascension process, as well. So all of this is coming.

Yes, Ashira, anything to add here?


Well, we would add that you can visit your Light Healing Chamber now; you can have an energetic experience of healing. You can visit it when ever you feel that it is going to be good for you. Take a meditation and imagine your self above or below – wherever you are drawn – to your Light Healing Chamber; and you can take time to lay in it or stand in it or sit in it, what ever you choose to do, and feel it, these healing energies flow through you, healing you, making you stronger.

This is not that actual experience that you will be having in the future, but it is actually something that you are experiencing, and that you will continue to experience as you use them. It will help you become familiar with this technology, and who knows where that will take you. Thank you.

Lee: OK, thanks for reminding me. And those Healing Chambers, the ones after The Event – when they become available for the deep, very thorough kind of healing, how will we find those Healing Chambers? I mean, there can’t be a road sign: “Next healing chamber in the forest clearing twenty yards after the big oak”?

How will we find them, how will we get there?


You will have your mentors by then; your mentors will be happy to take you to your Chamber and to help you meet all of those who are going to be taking care of you and ease you into that experience. All right?


Yes, and in many respects, they will find YOU.

Lee: OK, that’s alleviating – thanks for that answer, I appreciate that.

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