Judith Kusel – The Shift in Vibrational Frequency Bands – 6-5-16


Photo Credit: Ellen Vaman

Judith Kusel   –   The Shift in Vibrational Frequency Bands   –   6-5-16



We are riding the wave of expansive cosmic rebirthing – the rebirth of Mother Earth.

Rebirth follows the dying; the dissolving of the old and therefore the re-birth comes in the wake of what has been before, but now in a rejuvenated, shape and form.  It is revitalized, reactivated.

It cannot be what has come before – that is now redundant.

It has to be that resurrection into a higher Light-embodied form and therefore moves into a much higher vibrational frequency band.

As the earth is being reborn – so are we.

So many people resist the rebirthing process, by refusing to let go of the old: the old thinking, feeling, hanging onto old hurts, pains, grudges, and whatever else.  The more one tends to hang onto all the emotional baggage, as long one is held prisoner in the 3D world.  For one now become a prisoner to one’s own illusions, own imprisonment, for one cannot see the wide open portals, and the opportunities the rebirthing brings.



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