LISA GAWLAS – Accelerated Energy Forming A New Collective and More! – 5-25-16



LISA GAWLAS   –   Accelerated Energy Forming A New Collective and More!   –   5-25-16


Let me tell you, all those supercells and funnel clouds the day before, let loose some serious high charged energy.  It took everything in me to keep connected to the field thru the first three readings yesterday.  I felt like an antenna must feel when it is viewing way out of its range, blink in, blink out.  My brains were buzzing, my skin was buzzing and my body just pulsating all day long.  You are becoming a wild, wild ride for me!! Just don’t make me spin in circles, I will vomit!! Of course, I now vomit banana juice lol.


I was so anticipating (I really, really should know better than to do that already) more supercells and funnel clouds in the readings, nope, not a single one.  That alone tells me that the pace has quickened, faster than I have ever experienced a field change before.  However, that doesn’t mean that energy system went away, not at all.  There is so much happening all at once right now, that the field is changing quickly to accommodate its release and understanding fast.  Last evening, as I was doing all I could to pull in my energy to finish up my day, to finish up my 9th appointment for the day (3 were homework appointments) I suddenly seen my funnel spout (YAY I have one!! lol) and it just put itself on my mouth and I sucked it in like I was taking in oxygen, and it gave me a much needed energy boost.

So let me talk about my first and last lady’s of the day, because they were two sides of the same coin.  My first lady showed up and I was truly expecting supercells so I trained my vision upwards in the sky… nuttin.  I started again, and again then finally I brought my vision down to the ground, there she was, sitting on a landscape made of river rock/pebbles with her feet dangling in this huge black circular energy, which we eventually understood as the releasing side of a black hole.  New energy come up thru her feet, setting an expanded foundation (her calfs were in there too) for her to use and live her life off of.  But then it got really weird.  This black hole was about the side around as a 5 foot above ground pool.  Her team showed her in this system thru this 6 week period and she was slowly moving clockwise.  She initially was sitting in the due south direction, as she slid (never getting up) over to due west, the ground changed from pebbles to beach sand.  As she moved to the north, it was a rich green forest, due east was the purest/cleanest ocean waters I had ever seen.  But what the hell does it all mean to her??  She is a purifier.  Taking the energies that are now coming in from the areas of “soap-bubble land” that released themselves from there and moved onto the new earth (speaking primarily of consciousnesses.)  Come to think of it, it reminds me of the healing stations that many experience once they cross over to help remove the residual ego out of the soul energy.  So she is a natural filtering device for the earth.  But equally, thru her natural state of filtering, she is able to take in new energy for her own use and desires in her own unique way.

So if I am a banana oozing potassium all around, she is a filter, sliding her ass around clearing things up.  I must say, she did a super great job in my world, she is the one that cleared up my car loan!

As she completed this circular movement around the black hole, then four lines formed that reminded me of a tee pee forming, and she was on the top part of this new formation, about 4 feet above the black hole area, glowing.  Illuminated with higher frequency energies.  That is where they ended my vision of her.

Now let’s couple her with my last lady of the day.  With the 5 people before her, all on the ground level, I was looking at the ground level to connect with her but I couldn’t find her.  Geez, don’t let me zap out yet…  Once I moved my vision upwards, there was odd film set diagonally across the air, the next thing I know, she popped her face thru the film.  WHAT???  What the hell is that and where are you?  She is in another dimension.  It took me a while to fully understand, but hey, we got it, well as much as we could get in understanding anywayz.

She was in the timeline of prehistoric age and even tho I could see her face peering thru the dimensional film, her body was like a massive lizard/crocodile thing.  I soooo wish I could draw!!  But the important thing was knowing she will be dimension hopping over these next 6 weeks, accessing particular energy from her incarnate forms in those dimensions for use in this one.

Lets bring these two readings closer to home.  The black hole energy is also the energy within the supercell and funnel cloud, the releasing side of a black hole.  The winds from this releasing energy is fluttering many of the dimensional folds so that we can slip in and out of them, at will or and/or as needed.

Let me give you some strange happenings in my world yesterday that will help all of us know when we are melding dimensions into the space we occupy now.  In between the readings, I noticed a shiny red wrapper laying on my floor.  When I went over and picked it up, it was an empty Dove wrapper with the little inspirational saying on it that said “Forget the rules and play by the heart.  Love DOVE.”  Where the hell did that come from?  I have not had dove candy in my house in months, I swept and washed the floors before I left, took all the trash to the dump… I set it on my desk, the message was too awesome to just throw away.

Thru the morning, I started to hear a series of beeps like the coffee pot or microwave just went off.  I got up to see what it could be, nothing.  I had not run the microwave and my coffee pot shut off hours prior.  I sat back down, the series of beeps went off again… WHAT??  There is nothing that could be making that sound, at least, not in my dimension.

It wasn’t until my day of readings, especially my last one, did I fully realize that the dimensional energies opened and left gifts (or is that garbage lol) and sounds in my world.  Come to think of it, why not leave me the chocolate that was once in the damn dove wrapper, I am open to eating chocolate from other dimensions!! lol

As I sit here and ponder this and remember that crazy sock and booty that just showed up between my washer and dryer a few months ago:

sock and booty


And how many of us have that vanishing sock experience thru the dryer??  Well, the washer and dryer next to each other creates a unique energy field together, especially when both are running at the same time.  This energy allows the folds of the dimensions to open and close, like a wind would flutter curtains.  The dove wrapper appeared just behind my the place I usually sit on my couch, the beeping sounds showed up near my reading chair, all containing high energy vortexes or wind flows.


I know we tend to limit the amount of dimensions around us by so much of our old and truly, out moded language.  There are “uncountable” dimensions all around us.  And since we can only experience what we are open to experiencing, I would highly recommend getting out of the use of language that counts dimensions (the most popular is the 5th dimension, which I do believe most people are really referring to the higher/purer consciousness known as the Christ Consciousness, which has nothing to do with dimensions and everything to do with personal and collective consciousness.)

I know we talked about this one thing before, but I am going to bring it back because one of the readings yesterday added much more information to an understanding.  As we open and move thru various other dimensions, we will either hear tones in our ears or in our head, feel a sudden surge of energy or a sudden flash of warmth.  All of these are signs you have opened and moved into higher dimensions, even if that is by a fraction of an octave.  What I didn’t know until yesterday, is that if we stop moving forward or upward or however you want to look at it, and suddenly take ourselves backwards, or downwards into lower dimensional energy, that creates pain because it is not what the body is designed for.  Like a sudden sharp pain in the ear, or the feeling of being squashed or squeezed (like you are trying to force yourself into a space you no longer fit in.)

Here is something I didn’t know/realize either.  The day my daughter went to jail, I went to visit her that night.  I was the only visitor since it was not a regular visiting day and I got out of state privileges.  She and I just started balling as soon as we seen each other.  It took over 20 minutes for the phones on either side of the plate glass to actually work.  No one could understand why the phones would not connect us to each other.  It is only this morning I see all the key factors, our depressed emotional field in a very depressed field of energy, which took my own energy and created spikes in the flow.  Anything that is using electricity is affected and equally given our lack of communication with each other and the tail end of her court hearing came into play in the energy field as well.  That last part I was aware of and as I fine tuned my own energy the phones started to work.

I mention this because we have now moved into a realm where a lot of different things are happening at once, more than ever before.  Our jobs, as difficult as it may be at times, is to say in our center to keep everything running smooth.  We, as a collective coming on line that is even beyond the Shambhala collective (which, until one of the readings yesterday or the day before, I had no idea there was anything higher than that.)

But what does a collective really mean, and this is important for us to understand (speaking to myself here too lol.)  A collective is a series of light energy.  The series coming from humans incarnate.  There are as countless collectives as their are countless dimensions.  So there are tremendous amounts of energy fields crossing each other at any given moment.  We can look at it as the densest of the fear vibration to the most accelerated field of light and every fraction in between.  This is why and how we get tangled up in other people’s beliefs, their fears, their hopes and even the chaos.  Being clear, centered and focused where you are and where you are taking yourself is always key.

Think about this for a minute, a long minute.  Lets say you are playing in your mind of memories and you tap into a cross section of collective consciousnesses that are going thru something similar and you get hit with all kinds of emotions, for this example, lets call it lower (ego based) emotions.  Then you own them.  Then you think you have a block or need clearing.  Hell no!!  By doing that, you take yourself out of the forward momentum and back track.  To be on this new earth, you have done all the inner work needed to hold the higher light frequencies coming in.  KNOW THAT.  You can allow these emotions to pass thru you but don’t own them as yours.  Once again we bring that very very important saying to the forefront KNOW THYSELF.  YOU are always in control, unless you give that control over to the intersecting energies.  That too, is a personal choice.

So lets look at this crazy, intense new collective coming online thru us.  Pure light energy directly from the other side of the veil (spirits side) untainted by any filters, any ego goo, for as long as you are open to receive it, use it as your Life Force.  Coupling this energy is the pure energy from the original earth, AKA the garden of eden.  Back in that time (if you will) we did not have egos at all.  We had pure Life Force energy in body.  We are now at the accelerated point of Becoming that again but in new expanded ways.

Back then, we did not have trillions of dimensions filled with experiences.  We did not have thousands of eras that we have learned and evolved from using duality and gravity.  So it is true to say, we have even more capabilities now than even in that amazing time.  That is, if we do not dilute ANYTHING with what we think we know.  If you can allow yourself to wake up every morning as if it was your very first day on earth, that would be your greatest gift unto yourself.  We are now equipped with a brand new GPS system and it has nothing to do with all the scenarios that got us to Here.  Think about it, everything we are familiar with was and is contingent on the ego mind.  Now that the two are melding into a whole functioning unit… The master of matter (ego) and the master of energy (soul) are in the process of becoming one… if you so allow.

Well, this was a great news break for me lol, hope it was for you too!!

Have an amazing, accelerated day!!  I love you soooooooo freakin much!!

((((HUGZ)))) of multidimensional energy to ALL!!!❤

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. A beautiful soul put a link on my facebook yesterday that included this awesome “Purpose” diagram.  That is the one question I am asked the most and the one thing spirit never has a true answer for, because it is what you are here to Be… excited!!!  Let me share the diagram and if you click on it, it will take you to the whole story:

your purpose




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