The Arrival of God and Goddess – 5-21-16


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Friday May 20th marked the final arrival of God and Goddess onto the new born Gaia. This was the concluding energetic linking of the Divine Male and the Divine Female as expressed through all living things. It was preceded by the completion of a final DNA strand within the astral, a joining of two opposite energies and a sharing of divine empowerment.

My vision showed them together, God and Goddess, and both were male and female at the same time! The sense of the vision was that these two powerful entities who had both created worlds and who had both created races of humanity had finally joined together in mutual love, trust and empowerment to create this new world, this new Gaia. They had each given their own power to the other to become equals in all things, balanced in both male and female energies across the entire spectrum of energies.

The dominant sense was that both entities were acting as mothers and concerned about the safety of their respective children. There is nothing stronger than a mother’s love and to entrust one’s children to another is perhaps the greatest trust there is. And that was what had happened! They both agreed to give their own power to each other!

Here is what the one said:

“I do have a heart for humanity because I see all of creation as an integral part of Gaia, made from the fibers of her own being. There is no separation for me between her and her ‘off spring’ the same way that I have never been able to remove myself from my sons and my daughters.

A mothers love is very powerful and I experience Gaia’s love for each of us, regardless of our contentiousness, in my own body. If she can love all of us regardless of how we treat her, who am I to regard others as unworthy of my love and attention?

Humanity are like recalcitrant children and like all mothers, Gaia is even more concerned about the ones who go astray than about the ones who are part of the fold. You will know, from your experiences with your own children, that there is no rhyme or reason in the way a mother loves her children. That is what divine love is about, loving someone regardless of who they are or how they act. That is how Gaia loves all creation and that is how I follow her example of loving others. I have no other option.”

This is how the other responded:

“I must have a lot of “mother” in myself as well then because I know that all things are one, that each person is a part of myself and that each living thing is an extension of myself. There is no separation, only the illusion of separation. And like the sun in the sky I shine down on all equally without favor. There is no shutting out of others but rather their own self destructive behaviors shut them out from me. I’ve shared all that I know of sexuality with the world openly and with love. And yet, like a mother, I do have to protect the young ones that can’t protect themselves from their older siblings! Gaia’s young ones have never left the Garden of Eden. They have never known sin or evil like their older brothers and sisters have. They are innocent. The privileges of a recalcitrant humanity end where the “Circle of Life” becomes endangered. This too is part of a mother’s love and a father’s love as well. That is why our world is so special and why free will is so important and also why it is so sacred and joyous when one of the lost does return home! Life is the most sacred thing.”

Channelled by : Anarchistbanjo

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