Joy Passion Desire – But I have held really negative beliefs for over 40 years now! – Does not matter! – 3-26-16



Joy Passion Desire   –   “But I have held really negative beliefs for over 40 years now!” –   Does not matter!  –   3-26-16


It does not matter how long you have been thinking in negative ways, it does not matter how many years you have held your negative beliefs – nothing that you have been through, believed, talked about or though about before this moment matters at all! None of that affects what comes to you NOW unless YOU KEEP CHOOSING THE LACKFUL FOCUS. But you are doing it NOW! Your point of attraction is always in the present moment, law of attraction is always and only responding to what you are thinking NOW.

So you need never worry about your old beliefs or some negative thoughts you thought yesterday – it is only NOW that matters. How refreshing! So, take the opportunity to choose better feeling thoughts now! Your future will improve with each improvement in your thinking that you do. ♡♡♡

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