Heavenletter #5601 – Create Your Own Orbit – 2-24-16


God said:

You do not have to keep running around the same track you have been running on. You can discover new tracks in the world. It is possible that you can create your own orbit and run around it. Even as you are One with all, you are also unique. You are unlike everyone else in the world who is here or has ever been here, and you are unlike all those who are yet to come as well. It is not only fingerprints that have no match anywhere in the world. Amazing, isn’t it?

By the same token, there is a unique track for you to take and run on to your heart’s content. Yes, let Us reach your heart’s happiness.

Running around others’ tracks in the world can be hard on you. You are made to be unique. You just don’t see your name anywhere, however, and, so, meanwhile, you just take a track that doesn’t bear your name — doesn’t even bear your initials.

This seems to be the conformity that the world asks of you or even demands of you. All the while, you have your own star to follow. There are as many good tracks to follow as there are human beings walking on Earth now. There is a singular track for everyone. This seems easier for some of My children on Earth than it is for others.

There is an ongoing search for you to know how you fit into this world and to keep your own integrity even when, as yet, you are unaware of what your integrity really amounts to.

This minute I speak of you as the human being you are on Earth and do not yet speak of the beauty of your soul. Of course, the human beingness of you and your soul are connected. Your purpose is to find your assignment on Earth this round and to fulfill it even as you may not know what it is. You don’t have to know. You will fulfill your assignment regardless.

Some citizens of the world do find out specifically their blessing and/or blessings to give whereas many others may not be consciously aware. What you can know is that you will fulfill your purpose. Always, you will serve your purpose. It is your purpose in service to Me which is the same as to say your purpose for the world and all individuals in the world. No matter what, this is the case. What life may look like to you or anyone may not reveal its glory.

You also have to know that, in serving, you blossom. You wouldn’t have it any other way. Even in a coma, you are serving. Your blossoming may not be evident to anyone else, yet you are flying high, and you are meant to.

All the Great Spiritual Ones, regardless of any struggle in their physical lives, knew great happiness. They truly walked in another dimension. And they walk still. Still, they are lifting the world and everyone in it. They have never stopped. They would not know how to stop, and they wouldn’t want to.

And when your body leaves the Earth, you are not done serving either.

While on Earth, you may think your unique service is one thing when it may be another altogether. Your purpose may be to receive as well as to pass on to others.

It’s fine for you to imagine possibilities of why you are planted on Earth in service to Me and in service to all on Earth and to Earth itself. Of course, there are possibilities you have no idea of, possibilities that you cannot conceive of. You can know that you are a blessing, and that you bless Me and the world and all those in the world. Regardless of your present take on life in the world and your take of your perceived life in the world, you bless.

Author: Higher Density Blog

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