Lisa Gawlas – The Beginning… Creations of Light Thru You! – 3-25-16

creations of light


By Lisa Gawlas, The Shift of Time and Energy

Well here we are, the first day of the second quarter, the next evolution of our pimped out Self’s in body.  Our beautiful new circle of energy, that thing that reminds me of a basketball net (smile) is now set in place around you as your enhanced energy field.

I found a picture online that is sort of similar to the way I had seen everyone yesterday, except, what will show you in art here is our potential down the road, way down the road, as we learn and master this intricate, intense system we now are:

Each one of these hexagon thingies are intake and output valves, each has their own frequency and all are designed to work together as a whole unit. I kinda see these valves like the shutter of a camera lens, opening and closing at (your) will.

Most of the spaces at this beginning moment, are closed, on purpose and for our protection.  The more we master input and output, the more time each of these light centers will remain open and on.

Inside the ball, obviously is where you are.  Your vast magnetic field programming the light field output as well as input.  We must take in light in order to output light (think, breathing.)  Equally, it is sooo important and part of our learning, to discern the input of light that you take in and making sure it matches with your frequency.

Equally tho, you will find that those that resonate to your frequency will help to expand your light field (and vise versa.)  There will be those who want to do all they can to close you off in their attempts of being right (which is an ego thing,) just smile and walk away.

Most of what will be coming online, as I seen thru yesterday’s field of readings, is at the ground level, which makes sense really, but I cannot say why yet.

The only thing I seen thru yesterday’s readings, besides the magnetic fields creating the landscape around the your ball of energy, is the slab like mosaic of light that started to emerge, replacing the dirt in what looks like light infused slabs of various color crystals.  Not completely unlike this image:

crystal slabs

Your energy ball in the center, but these slabs of crystalline light that replaced the dirt, were long and wide and varies in sizes.  That’s all I got to see and (barely) understand, for now.  Today is a whole new day!!

If I am understanding the ongoing story correctly, as we went to sleep last evening, the energy centers at our core, plugged into the hexagonal output valves to create the initial steps of our new life experience.

My day is already about to begin, but I want to get this amazing tidbit of info into this sharing.  One of my lady’s asked yesterday about her divine counter-part and instantly I heard her team say “he is being programmed into your next phase.”  But then they gave us a visual of 4 potential incarnate Beings (it was a little strange to hear someone referred to as an incarnate Being lol.)

I could not see the face of any one of them, but what was explained is which one arrives first depends on what she most wants to experience within her new energy field.  Each one holding a particular key of experience and expansion for both of them.

Then they showed what I know to be a Pleiadian energy pouring down his energy field into one of these incarnate Beings.  The closer this blue stream of energy got to the upper part of the crown, the Pleiadian energy started to fold up like an accordion and inlaid itself on this mans brain.  A new kind of hybrid!!

The one thing for sure, this game is about to get even more interesting than it has ever been before.  There is no long game that I see, meaning, don’t even try to put a 5 year plan together.  The light energy coming from you will change with each encounter.

On that note, I must close for today.  Enjoy the amplified magic that is you!!  You’re freakin awesome, and please, don’t ever let anyone tell you any different!!

Big big super ((((HUGZ)))) to You!!!  I love you soul much!!!

Lisa Gawlas

Ha!!  Just a quickie… looking at you and the field/the ground itself.  YOU are now the Above that programs the Below (dirt of earth solidly holding your Light.)  Love it, love you!!


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