The Earth Plan – Personal Update – Ascension Symptoms from Second Galactic SuperWave – 3-23-16

Dizzy spells, bouts of clumsiness, heat surges, blurry vision and not being able to recall simple words….again! After a short respite, the current (pun intended) tranche of energy blasts in March are at work in earnest. Either I’m so used to it by now, or the effects are thankfully more subdued. I actually find that I can carry on my daily Life without being derailed.

It could be that there is an undercurrent of gentleness which I sense in these recent round of energies ~ it’s something that I greatly appreciate and something that we should try to tap into. However, I hasten to add that this in no way diminishes the intensity, which is….well, intense! This just feels that there’s a new frequency being added, one that’s as potent and yet very subtle, soothing and most uplifting. As a result, I find myself feeling very sanguine a lot of times, in spite of all the external “stuff” around me. I feel it’s easier to get into a state of benevolence, and I’m more able to just turn around and walk away from others’ drama, or at least be less affected by it.

Then there are also the very strong emotional feelings surfacing….again, too! Deep pangs of homesickness and flashes of deja vu. I’ve not had those in a while, so I was quite surprised when they revisited. I find the strong yearning to return Home the most challenging to deal with. For obvious reasons πŸ™‚Β  Quite a few people have also indicated this homesickness to me lately.

I talk to my physical body regularly. I tell myself that my body is in perfect harmony with the Ascension process, something that I learnt from a dear Soul…..thank you, Andrew πŸ™‚Β  I also assure it that it’s OK, that what it’s embodying is part of a crucial process, that this is integral to the eventual transfiguration we all need to go through, that this is ultimately why we are incarnate now on Earth. I find this very beneficial.

Sometimes, I feel a restlessness that seems to be emerging from deep within. It’s like the time to move on to the next phase is long overdue, whatever that “next phase” is. It’s accompanied by the growing sense that I’m so done with everything. I just want to walk through “something” that I know is “there”, but I have no idea what that “something” or “there” is. When in the midst of this restlessness, nothing I do is right ~ I can’t sleep right, I can’t sit right, I can’t stand right….it can be annoying. The best way I can describe this is it’s like my Soul is doing a little protesting. I find that the best solution (so far) is to just get out of my mind and into some quiet time.

The disconnect with the external world continues to grow. Being an observer certainly helps. No need for me to say more here.

In the midst of all that’s occurring, there is also a perception that the solidity of the world feels increasingly “unnatural”. I sometimes get impatient with the sense of permanence that is inherent in this world. It’s as if there should be a greater “flow” to Life with more “lightness”, rather than its currently ponderous and heavy nature. That a higher-vibrational and less “solid” existence is the “appropriate” way. Since we are increasing our frequency, this isn’t at all surprising. It’s just that it can get uncomfortable at times.

So it’s Nature to the rescue! On the opposite end of the spectrum, Nature does much to relieve this weightiness. When we gaze at even a single leaf and see the immense beauty and exquisite Love of the Universe, all is right once again.

That’s my little report for the time being. Please remember to stay connected with your own Divinity at all times, and allow It to steer your course, always.

Namaste and Blessings!

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  1. Ditto 😘 I am begining to simulate negative conotations into a pure loving to learn this joy anew. An embodiment of spiritual unification. Blessings πŸ’–βœŒπŸ»οΈ


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