STEVE BECKOW – Remembering the Purpose of Life – 3-23-16

 STEVE BECKOW my life I’ve been a collector.

When I had a collection of marbles, my best marbles were crystals.  When I was a museum historian, the best artifacts I collected were ones that revealed the most about the society that produced them.

Then I started collecting quotes.  The crystals in my collection of quotes are, for me, statements on the purpose of life.

Why? Because I experienced a vision in Feb. 1987 that showed me that the purpose of life is enlightenment. (1)

Why else? Because there’s nothing more important, in my estimation, than knowing the purpose of life. Once one knows it, one can begin to construct their life in accordance or in furtherance of it.

I’d like to savor some of the sources we listen to on that purpose.  Not terrestrial sages like Ibn Arabi and Ramakrishna, (2) but galactics and celestials, etc.

SaLuSa put the purpose of life this way:

“All life is continually evolving until all souls return to the Godhead from whence they came…. The ultimate is to again become One with God.” (3)

That is exactly what I saw in my vision. The little golden star left the large golden sun of the Father and wandered in the Mother’s world, ultimately returning to the Father and merging with “him” again.

Matthew Ward tells us that attaining “remembrance in fullness …  is the goal of every soul.” When we attain it “you will return to Creator.”  (4) Again spot on with what I saw.

Life is an ongoing journey towards that culmination. He adds:

“As the multidimensional beings you are, you will continue evolving and remembering your Beginnings in the pure love-light of Creator.

“Until then—and the time differs as much as each soul differs from every other—you will have wondrous lifetimes as progressively higher souls in worlds where joy, love and beauty are beyond your imagining.” (5)

Andrea Scully’s guides offered a similar vision:

“The heart and soul of the mission here on Gaia for all is similar. It involves the awakening of each individual to the reality of Oneness.” (6)

Such a realization of Oneness would have one realize the Self or God. We’d recognize that there are no objects here, only one universal Subject.

The Arcturian Group tells us that “every soul longs to know and experience ITSELF.” (7)  Who we are is God. When Self meets Self, God meets God.

When a soul forgets the purpose of life, the reason for his or her own longing, “he seeks in the outer world of things, people, power, money, and sex.”

“It is not meant that lives have no joy, for the energy of joy is closest to the Divine. Embrace those things you enjoy, have fun and spend time doing what you love, but do not look to these things for that sense of completion that can only come through attaining a state of consciousness that knows it is already whole and complete.”  (8)

In the space of wholeness and completion, love arises; bliss arises. In deep bliss, we realize our Oneness with God. The blissful Comforter (the Mother) has brought all things to remembrance.

The Beings of Venus put the purpose of life this way:

“Each person’s purpose upon the Earth is to recognise their complete Creator self within them.” (9)

Saul phrases it this way: “Your life purpose within the illusion is to awaken.  That is all.” (10) To awaken to who we truly are.

On another occasion, he added: “The Oneness of ALL that exists is the Truth of which all must come to an awareness.” (11) Again the state of Oneness is the state of God-Realization.

Blossom Goodchild’s Federation sources gave the purpose a slightly different twist: That we need to become who we are, rather than realize or awaken to it.

“The only responsibility that any One Soul has … be they residing on Earth or otherwise … is to BECOME WHO THEY ARE … IN TRUTH.

“By BEING so … ALL that one is hoping for … expecting … desiring … needing … simply melts away. For when BEING in the fullness of their True Reality … none of these things matter … not one.”  (12)

Well, I can vouch that all desires and needs melt away in bliss so I can take their information that far, at least.

Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman focuses on awakening the individual from unconscious awareness through sharpening our awareness in the Now.

“The awakening of Self from an unconscious state of Being is one of the most dramatic steps in the evolutionary process of Humankind.

“In order to become Self-conscious, you must become aware of what is happening in your personal world. You must sharpen your thinking process and learn to live in the moment, or the Still Point of the NOW as it is often called.”  (13)

The awareness path is dedicated to sharpening our awareness and living in the Now.

Heavenletters tells us what happens when we fulfill the purpose of life by realizing ourselves:

“You will meet this Knowingness fully and sigh, ‘Yes, this is it. This is Who I AM and have been all along.’” (14)

When we’re whole and complete, the balloon is fully inflated. At that point we remember the knowledge that we forgot when we journeyed down into a lower density: who we are and have been all along.

Enough said, I hope, to establish the point that the purpose of life is known to probably all our credible, higher-dimensional sources. That purpose is to realize who we are at our essence – and who we are at our essence is God.

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