Rose Rambles – Lucid Dreaming, Anticipated Events, Based on dream Symbols – 3-22-16


Rose Rambles   –   Lucid Dreaming, Anticipated Events,  Based on dream Symbols   –   3-22-16


Dream Interpretation and Precognition
When we close our eyes, chances are good that a dream may flash through our subconscious mind. Sometimes the dreams make precious little sense, with fragments of incongruent information muddled in a confusing yet fantastical ensemble of storytelling. Our dreams mirror our fears and aspirations, our anxieties, our goals and so much more. Sometimes our dreams are merely ways of replaying the day’s events in a manner that our minds see fit. Of course, there is meaning to every dream, however insignificant it may be. If one considers that dreams are akin to an alphabet of the unconscious mind, it becomes possible to piece them together in such a way that meaning can be found. Unfortunately for the vast majority of us, dream analysis is an alien concept and most of us resort to conjecture about what our dreams mean, if anything at all.

Do Our Dreams Conjure Up Things We Can’t

There is a generally accepted guide to understanding dreams, interpreting them in a
meaningful way and anticipating whatever it is that they are trying to tell us about
present and future events. Many may ponder the ability of the human mind to forecast
into the future, but the future is a less strange concept than we imagine it to be if we
consider the universe and everything it has to offer. When the first rays of golden
sunlight hit the Earth every morning, what we are seeing is already 8 minutes into the
past; because that’s how long it takes the sun’s light to reach the Earth. In much the
same way a star that has long since burned-out in the galaxy may still be visible to us,
masquerading as a radiant and vibrant heavenly body. However, once again what we
are seeing and what is real are worlds apart. And so it is entirely possible that the
mind in all its complexity is able to anticipate future events while our physical lives
exist in different realities. Consider for a moment that we are possibly only able to
take in what has already happened and that the mind has already experienced a future
event, and dreams are the mind’s way of informing us about what to expect. This is
known as precognition. It is a highly complex concept to grasp, but not too dissimilar
to seeing the light of a star long since extinguished and thinking it to be a vibrant and
dynamic heavenly body. Dreams allow us to go beyond what is apparent, into a place
that many yearn to understand.

Symbols We Dream About and the Meaning behind

There are scores of symbols we dream about and each of them has a meaning that
dream interpreters have been able to piece together. One of the most common dreams
we have is that of being chased. This dream is common across many cultures and it is
symbolic of being pursued. The threat may be real or perceived that way, and is an
allusion to tension in your life. If you happen to dream about babies, this is about your
desire to have kids. It is also reflective of your desire to create a fresh new start in
your life. Other symbols such as crosses have different significance depending on
your religious persuasion. It may be an allusion to balance or it may be a reference to
a new part of your life that is about to begin. One of the most common dreams is
about death. But death is not about the end of all, it’s about a new beginning. There is
no real psychic prediction associated with death. And if you have recently lost a loved
one, a dream about death could simply be your mind and your heart trying to get you
to come to terms with things.


There are dream interpreters out there with the skills to accurately evaluate dream
symbols and how they are likely to predict future events. Online dream interpretation
by chat is increasingly being used as the preferred medium for dream analysis.
Psychics have long since delved into the cryptic art of dream analysis.  Finding
quality psychics is no mean feat, and for that reason, dream analysis requires the
services of seasoned professionals with years of experience in the field. Dream
analysis advisors unlock the mysteries that are buried deep within the subconscious
and they endeavor to unravel the undiscovered nuggets of insight, wisdom and
imagery that comprise the juxtaposition of our present reality and the world we will
face in time to come. Psychic dream analysis can certainly be a powerful tool that
enables us to understand what we are going through and what we may possibly go
through in the future.

Leave the Interpretation to the Dream Gurus

The imagery that we conjure up in our dreams takes on many different shapes and
forms. Sometimes the images are iniquitous and they come to us in the form of
demons.  It is foolhardy to assume that demons represent ‘Demonic Possession’ since
they are nothing more than repressed emotions. We should always be cautious in our
interpretation of symbols lest we assume something that has absolutely nothing to do
with the images that flit through our minds while we are asleep. There are scores of
symbols that we may dream about which evoke fear and loathing within us, such as
the act of killing in a dream. In fact, dream analysts believe that dreams of killing are
merely desires to rid ourselves of an aspect of our character or personality. It may be
that we feel a particular hostility towards another individual and the strength of
emotion is such that it is represented by a strong act such as killing. Nudity could be
perceived as yet another lascivious desire, whereas in truth it is merely a revelation of
our true self to the world. Before we delve into the meaning of symbols in our dreams
and how they may come to represent tomorrow and the day after that, it is important
to understand that interpreting dreams and symbols is an art form that requires the
talents of the crème de la crème!

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