Peter Olson Conversation

5 PM Pacific – 6 PM Mountain
7 PM Central – 8 PM Eastern

Yes, it’s that magaical time once again!  The second Sabbat is here at the Spring Equinox!  And the Many of One Family will once again reunite.

We look forward to these “fireside chats” with Peter Olsen, unique and one of a kind. Peter is a scientist’s scientist – having tracked our evolution and lineage from the moment we left Potential and emerged into Actual and ultimatly created the material Universe. – Quite a trek! If Many of One is for you, you will know it. Check out Peter’s website:   Explore, jot down questions, and have a chat with Peter.

To speak with radio host:  1  347-637-2383  – Touch “1”to raise your hand
Remember… if you touch “1” a second time, it will LOWER your hand!

Telephone, listen only:  1  641-715-3580 + 771358#

After the call, telephone replay:  1  641-715-3589+ 771358#   Ref No: 31#

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