STEVE BECKOW – The New Energies and the Changes They Bring -3-17-16

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STEVE BECKOW   –   The New Energies and the Changes They Bring   -3-17-16


An influx of vivifying energies has been showering the Earth for some years now, powering our Ascension.

The Constant Companions confirm that the influx “is indeed a carefully orchestrated event.” (1)

Who’s orchestrating it and where’s the energy coming from? SaLuSa explains that we’re “receiving more energy from outside of Earth, and it comes from many sources.” (2)

It originates, according to Archangel Michael, with Supreme Creator. He says: “The rarified cells of Creator Light—the higher frequency, powerful new Rays of Individualized Expression, … are radiating forth from the rarified realms of the Supreme Creator.” (3​​) He adds:

“As the Supreme Creator increases the flow of the Elixir of Life throughout the Omniverse, it is affecting all Creation. You cannot hide from it. You cannot deny it. Your lifeline to your Source is growing stronger and more compelling all the time.” (4)

The energies from Source are in turn being channeled through the great Central Sun, Michael tells us.

“At a cosmic level, the Supreme Creator is now sending down the radiance of Itself via the Great Central Suns, which is being filtered down upon Earth in great bursts of Living White Fire Essence of Life through the Sacred Heart Core of our Father/Mother God by way of the Sun of this solar system.” (5)

Cosmic Awareness agrees.

“The energies of Spirit are coming through the central Sun. … Divine Source’s energies [are] coming forth wave after wave after wave crashing upon the planet, bringing higher spiritual awareness and understanding.” (6)

This energy is then chanelled through other beings, Michael says. “There are many who are bringing forth the supreme light of the Creator through their beings and creations,” Archangel Michael explains, “to be anchored and experienced upon the Earth.” (7)

One intermediary source is higher-dimensional civilizations, as Matthew Ward explains.

“With unconditional love for Gaia and every sentient being on her planetary body, far distant civilizations whose vastness and power are beyond your imagining are beaming intensive light to dispel fear so every heart can open to love.” (8)

These civilizations live in higher dimensions. Their energy is stepped down till it reaches us, as Archangel Michael explains.

“The energies of the Higher Dimensions work their way downwards, so that when the 6th Dimension is opened to the Magical Creation of the Garden of Eden on Planet Earth, this will begin to manifest until it is anchored on the 5th Dimension and the illusion of the Third Dimension with its duality consciousness and conflict will disappear from the Timeline.” (9)

AA Michael described the role our local Sun plays in this process. The Sun is itself a higher-dimensional being.

“When the Earth, through the Earth Councils, indicates that she is ready for an accelerated process of transmutation and change, as in February of this year, the Solar Council of the Sun, those Light Beings entrusted with the transmission of Solar Codes to the Solar System and to Earth, responds with what is needed.

“And so, apart from very powerful Solar and Lunar eclipses, there have also been immensely powerful Solar Flares that have bombarded your planet day after day, week after week, bringing the Light Codes and information necessary to open the portals and incorporate the 6th Dimension of Magic and Dreams into the Earth Grids.” (10)

The Constant Companions described this as a “huge orchestra of incoming celestial music in the form of energetic discharges coming your way by the help of the Sun.” (11)

The Team through Peggy Black tells us that:

“These energetic magnetic dynamic forces are constantly bombarding and showering your Earth home with charged particles from the Sun and your Milky Way. These charged particles or vibrations express themselves as solar flares, gamma rays, plasma rays or a geomagnetic flux.” (12)

What we regard as solar storms and flares may in fact be transmissions of light codes, the Arcturians explain:

“We wish to tell you that you are in the process of download and integration of a higher Light that was, and is still, being delivered from the higher dimensions. How does higher Light download into Earth from the higher dimension? One way is that they ‘catch a ride’ on the current ‘space weather.’” (13)

Tomorrow let’s look at the impact these energies are having in Gaia and us.

(Continued in Part 2.)


(Continued from Part 1.)

How the Higher Energies Do Their Work

Matthew Ward reminds us that “everything happening in your world is due to Earth’s Ascension into increasingly lighter energy planes wherein negatively-based activity is more quickly and emphatically running out its energetic course.” (1)

Ascension is itself being caused by “a steady stream of ever-increasing manifestations of energetic missiles being hurled at you at an ever increasing speed,” the Constant Companions say.  (2) Last article we saw that those energetic missiles were issuing from Source down through the central Suns of the universe and galaxies and by higher-density civilizations.

“These galactic gifts,” Peggy Black’s Team says, “are influencing the evolution of consciousness for humanity.” (3)  Hilarion outlines how that is.

“As the energies from the cosmos continue to flood the planet, humanity as a whole is being awakened into remembrance of their right to live their lives in peace and sovereignty.

“By integrating the greater light in the higher frequencies that surrounds them, they are opened to new perspectives that were not seen nor recognized before.

“The Light is the revolutionary catalyst that is bringing the changes that all have desired to see in their world.” (4)

The division and fragmentation inside us will collapse in the face of these energies, producing more fluidity in our lives, the Constant Companions explain.

“This period will be one of massive transformation, one where these incoming missiles of energy will interact in a most profound way with your own energetic setup, and as such, the collapse of internal division into a coherent and far more fluid system than the former fragmented one is now finally on its way.”   (5)

At a bodily level, how do the energies work their effect? We’ll look at that in more detail in a later article. The Constant Companions say it’s a cell-by-cell process:

“As all of this information enters your body, it does so in the form of energetically-charged particles, and these particles are then charging up your entire body, bit by bit, cell by single cell, and this in turn is what is raising your frequency.”  (6)

The Lighted Ones say that the “subtle yet steady increase of frequency and energy” we’re being exposed to is “designed to increase your capacity to anchor Love and Light within yourselves and upon this planet.”

“You are now equipped to handle that which is being delivered to you and it is only your intent to allow the influx of newness to continue to transform you which is required for this to occur.” (7)

According to Archangel Michael, we’re “in a process of Soul-expansion, whereby you are gaining the ability to integrate higher and higher Light frequency infusions.” (8)

Our “level of comprehension and awareness will increase with each download of higher frequency energy.” (9)  The Light is ensuring that “a whole new aspect of yourself … will emerge.”

“The process is gradual, so you may not even notice the shifts occurring, but it is important to be accepting of change in all its forms and manifestations, especially changes in your personality, character and reactions, as these will shift to be more divinely aligned first.” (10)

AA Michael cautions us that “no longer will you be allowed to stagnate or even stay at a certain level very long – time and the process of transformation are moving too rapidly.” (11)

Thus a steadily-increasing energy shower is causing humanity to evolve. It’s working its effect bit by bit and cell by cell and is causing the collective to awaken to their fuller inheritance and right to peace and happiness. There is no sitting on the fence with it any more. Things are moving too rapidly.

Tomorrow we’ll continue our look into the changes the energies are bringing.

(Continued in Part 3.)


The General Impact of the Energies

We’ve gone through so many waves of energy with names like the Tsunami of Love, the Sirian Wave, the Lion’s Gate, the Blood Moon Equinox, and so on.

The latest energetic arrival is a shower of gamma waves. These are the formal Ascension energies, the Arcturians explain, which are awakening our higher-dimensional consciousness:

“Your superconscious mind is awakening, and your perceptions and translations of reality are increasingly transmuting to consciously encompass the higher frequency of gamma waves.

“In fact, now, the gamma waves are penetrating your atmosphere, your reality, and your physical body.

“Therefore, your innate gamma-wave – fifth dimensional consciousness – is coming ‘on line’ with your conscious perceptions, and is beginning to intermingle with your third-dimensional perceptions. Hence, your 3D perceptions are expanding.” (1)

It’ll feel as if someone suddenly turned on the lights.

“This expanded awareness may feel as if someone ‘turned on the lights.’ Actually, that ‘someone’ is you. YOU have turned up the frequency. …

“As the fifth-dimensional Light continues to activate your 97% ‘junk’ DNA, your body, your consciousness, and your perceptions will begin to calibrate to a higher frequency of Light.” (2)

In her report on the Sirian-wave transmission of Feb. 2015, Celia Fenn tells us that “the Earth Councils are receiving New Templates for Higher Forms of LIfe and Consciousness on Earth.” (3)  The Pineal Gland or Eye of Horus will be activated:

“The Pineal Gland will receive the powerful Light Codes and then transmit them into the Light Body and the DNA structures of the physical body.

“Because the ‘voltage’ of the Light Codes is so high, there may be side effects such as dizziness, nausea, insomnia, muscle spasms, anxiety and bad dreams.

“These will be temporary symptoms as the Body and Light Body adjust to the new frequencies that are enabling Multi-Dimensional consciousness as a ‘real’ experience. …

“When the Eye of Horus or Pineal Gland is powerfully activated by Light transmissions from the Star system of Sirius, it means that a powerful energy of Creation and manifestation is under way.” (4)

Our symptoms will gradually yield to contentment as the energies lift us higher and higher, say the Constant Companions:

“What you as a ‘passenger’ within this amazing physical vehicle may experience as a sort of motion sickness is once again only symptoms of a huge growth spurt that will enable you all to reach those lofty heights you have so hankered for.

“Again, what may feel extremely unsettling at times, whether in a physical or in a more emotional way, are merely bumps in the road that will be more noticeable now that the speed has increased to such a degree, and even if they can be bothersome at times, they will indeed decrease as this body of yours will get better at BEing in this continuous flow of liberating light-rain.

“And so, expect to feel less like a passenger in an airplane being tossed about in the heavenly turbulence, and more as a contented one, settling in to explore the surroundings and to admire the view as it keeps whizzing by at an ever increasing speed.” (5)

Archangel Gabriel assures us that “while these energies can be somewhat uncomfortable, they are moving you forward, at a rapid rate, into all of the things that your hearts desire and wish to experience.” (6)

SanJAsKa tells us:

“Your ability to feel and radiate massive amounts of pure Light is greater than it has ever been and of course, this ability is only to increase as you find yourselves able to open up to states of consciousness and states of wellbeing that you had perhaps not expected to be able to feel at this time.” (7)

The various energetic showers are awakening our superconscious mind or Fifth-Dimensional consciousness.  The awakened Pineal Gland will send the light codes to the light body and DNA. Discomfort will yield to contentment as we open up to higher and higher states of consciousness.

Tomorrow will focus in on physical, emotional and communicational changes higher consciousness is bringing.

(Continued in Part 4.)



merkabah 11(Continued from Part 3.)

Physical and Emotional Changes

We’re changing the structure of our bodies from a carbon to a crystalline base, as Matthew Ward explained back in 2003. Some will not open to the Light and their bodies will not transmute. They’ll lose the capability to survive in the higher dimensions.

“The light that is absorbed by receptive souls is changing their cells into a crystalline structure for physical survival in the higher vibrational levels as well as increasing spiritual clarity and thus soul evolution.

“Those who refuse the light will not have survival capability, and when Earth reaches the higher levels, their bodies will die and their souls automatically will go to stations where their lifetime free will choices have energetically registered them.” (1)

The Team describe how our resistance patterns make this process more difficult than it need be.

“Humanity is in a process of cosmic alchemy that is transforming your physical body from the carbon-based matrix and blueprint to a precise, accomplished and elegant crystalline matrix and organism.

“Many may find that this shift is physically challenging, you might be witness to this in others. You as a human have a morphogenetic field that surrounds you; we call this your energy signature. In your personal growth and development as well as the trials and challenges along the way, you have created a type of energetic armoring or blockage. This energetic armoring has a tendency to block what is being offered. If your personal circuits are shut down because of some fear, it will be more difficult for your body to accept these upgrades to the system.

“Within you is everything that you need to upgrade, it is a part of who you are as a multidimensional being. You are here to anchor this shift from carbon base to crystalline base. You have the necessary keys to unlock any aspect to limitation in your genetic codes. There is dormant DNA waiting to be activated.” (2)

Unwanted conditions may arise for us.

“These magnetic influences have an impact, emotional as well as physical, on your human body. You as an individual will respond differently depending on many factors of your own personal dynamics. There are, however, common shared changes.

“You may experience feelings of fatigue, mood swings, anxiety, deep depression, body aches that move about your physical form from one place to another with out clear cause. You can also experience confusion, agitation, restlessness and trouble sleeping soundly.”  (3)

“Every aspect of your physical body is undergoing a dynamic change, a metamorphic transformation,” they explain.

“This is happening within every cell of your body. Solar and galactic particles and vibrations are shifting your body codes, activating dormant genes in your very DNA causing chemical changes in your very structure. You are personally feeling this acceleration.” (4)

We’re getting a thorough rewiring, according to the Team.

“Another aspect and change that is taking place within your body is the energy meridians. They are expanding, so to speak, to carry a higher frequency vibration. You could say that you are being rewired.

“Over time, you will become aware that more energy portals and charkas are being revealed. This upgrade is connecting you more fully to your divine multidimensional self offering the integration of all your gifts and abilities.”  (5)

Archangel Michael reviews the kinds of changes we can expect or find ourselves in:

“Your language is changing; your thought forms are different. The old areas of your brain which contain your past are gradually being refined or dissolved, so it is beginning to seem as though everything that happened before, even last year, is a vague dream. New areas of your brain are being activated and you must learn to think in a whole new way.

“Light packets of information, holographic pictures of great significance and sacred geometric patterns will begin to come into your consciousness, and you must learn how to decipher these. It may seem as if those whom you are moving beyond no longer understand you, or you cannot find words to carry on the old mundane patterns of conversation.

“You will also find that you do not need to verbalize every thought as you begin to telepathically pick up the energies and thoughts of those around you. Your intuitive abilities will increase, and you will not be easily deceived. You will speak your truth with spiritual integrity, and you will not be willing to engage in the negative games of the past.” (6)

The Master Hilarion forewarns us that we’ll feel the need to express our emotions more as we move away from our self-protective programming.

“The winds of change are upon you. … The first noticeable change will be a greater ability to feel emotion and express it. Most people on the planet have suppressed their emotions in order to harden their hearts so that they could function in the ever increasing density and these filters are now falling away because there is much greater light than ever before.

“As each person is enabled to truly feel and speak from their hearts, all that needs to be expressed will begin to come forth from within their being. At some point in this process, the feelings expressed will be the feelings of love, followed by the feelings of joy and other positive emotions which will move people in directions hitherto unknown on your world.” (7)

If what Hilarion says is true, based on my own experience, we may need assistance first to get in touch with our feelings and second to express them.

We also may have difficulty focusing, Hilarion warns us.

“As the energies intensify even more than before, it is difficult to stay focused on any one thing for any length of time. One’s mind jumps from one thought to another without any logical conclusion.” (8)

We may feel as if our circuit boards have repeatedly been wiped clean, the Constant Companions inform us.

“For as these emissaries of light continue to converse with those centers within you that govern these highly complex processes. It will be as if your entire circuit board will be wiped clean more than once, and as such, the sense of being untethered in a very tangible way may become prevalent on more than one occasion for you all.”  (9)

But what we find at the end of this journey will make the work worth it – bliss, ecstacy, elation, exaltation.

Tomorrow we’ll look at the role purification plays in this process of opening to and assimilating the new energies.

(Continued in Part 5.)



(Concluded from Part 4.)

It’s a Time of Purification

Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman tells us that the Company of Heaven have concentrated on giving us teachings that help us to purify ourselves from our old core issues and conditioning, in preparation for the coming of these energies.

“Over these many past years, much of the information, meditations, and exercises we have given you have been focused on transmuting old negative energy patterns, and also on expanding and refining your conscious awareness.

“This process is necessary in order to make way for the infiltration and integration of the rarified cells of Creator Light—the higher frequency, powerful new Rays of Individualized Expression, which are radiating forth from the rarified realms of the Supreme Creator.”  (1)

The Constant Companions describe what the energies are causing is “a huge awakening of sorts, that will stir up any and all of the old and stagnant pools still covering much of the surface of this planet.”

“Remember, [that which] has been instigating all of this highly negative energy in the first place has been removed, and the old controlling forces are not in place anymore, but the residue from them is still very much in place all around you, just like the puddles left after a heavy rain.” (2)

The turmoil that our assimilation and integration of the new energies has produced seems negative but it’s really beneficial, for us and the world, they tell us.

“But now, what you have been planting has started to stir and push its way through the topsoil, and as it starts to emerge and starts to interact with the energies already there, everything will seem to be in turmoil at one time or another.

“This is not a sign of unrest in a negative way, rather, it is a sign of the most beneficial stirring up this planet of yours will ever experience. Now, no place will be left untouched by the effect of these newly hatched seedlings which will begin to make their voices heard in all sorts of ways.” (3)

That’s all the awakened members of the ground crew they’ll be hearing. For now, what we’ll be hearing, the Constant Companions say:

“… will at times be a veritable cacophony of signals; seemingly pushing you in all directions at once, giving you no solid ground to stand on, and taking you out on a dizzying journey that will be apt to make the strongest amongst you feel weakened. These conflicting emotions and physical signals are merely signals of improvements, not just on a personal level, but indeed on a global one.” (4)

SanJAsKa agrees that the new energy is ridding us of old Third-Dimensional ways of being, letting us shed that which holds us back.

“This Light energy will be instrumental in exposing to you and clearing out all of the old third-dimensional dross and drama that has kept you in shackles of illusory limitation for so very long.

“The awareness being spread at present is garnering a widespread collective awakening to and understanding of not just the injustice that has been wrought on your world for far too long, but of the metaphysical realms that lay beyond your conscious perspective as well as your abilities to interact with them.” (5)

Another way of discussing this dross and drama is to see it as vasanas or core issues. The Angels speaking through Tazjima tell us that they’re helping us to let go of them as well.

“Your bodies, emotional, mental and physical are being washed by a river of light. This river gently extricates and removes trauma long-stored in your cellular structures, even traumas emanating from other lifetimes.

“Let these memories and pictures move through you, washed by the light working upon your cells, feel the emotions as they release from the electromagnetic field and dissipate into the ethers around you.

“You are undergoing a profound healing of your entire being. Simply allow it to happen. It is a gift from heaven, from your own higher self who brought you here to undergo this process of bringing heaven to earth, grounding the ascension energies into the physical body as the planet undergoes her own ascension.” (6)

What will this cleansing and eventual healing produce? The Constant Companions tell us:

“You will subsequently start to see things in a very new light indeed. And yes, we do mean this in every sense of the word, as not only the inherent quality of this light, but also your ability to perceive it is changing rapidly now. And with it comes a whole new sense of being not only human, but something far, far more complex than this.

“In addition, your ability to sense everything that lies beyond the scope of human understanding will also magnify, as you will be brought into contact with spheres of Creation you were not even aware existed. So, yes, much is opening up now.”  (7)

The emergence of the New Us may be subtle, even undetectable at first, they say.

“By and by, you will find yourself becoming very new indeed, but still it may not even feel like that to you. At least, not superficially, for as all of those brand new parts of you start to kick in, your focus will automatically shift, and you will switch seamlessly into your very new way of BEing.

“So again, those deepest and most profound transformations that you go through may not be perceived as such, for they are so profound, you will lose any contact with that old version of you, and looking back, it will be like looking back on someone else’s life altogether.” (8)

I haven’t quoted our sources on what we’ll be like after Ascension. Here we’re simply dealing with the here and now.

To summarize, the Company of Heaven has worked with us over a long period of our time to accustom us to let go of our old baggage – our core issues and vasanas – and emerge from our Third-Dimensional conditioning.  Now the rivers of love/light sweeping the Earth are making it mandatory.

The seed we planted by clearing ourselves of vasanas is now pushing up through the concrete, and much turmoil seems to result.  All of this is a result of the energies hitting us at the present time. And all of it will ultimately result in the sprouting and flowering of the young plant.

In the meantime, we’ll be reactivated. We’ll have lots of things come up, to be released. We’re just to observe these as they pass through us, to remain aware of them, and to let them go.

The gamma rays, what used to be called “photons,” are now soaking the Earth and saturating our bodies down to the cellular level. We’re activating features of our bodies that were never before activated or that were and were turned off.

How is it for us on the ground to experience these energies and the growth that results? I can tell you how it is for me.

I’m reminded of a scene from Men in Black where the awful alien insect occupies a human body (after eating its owner) and can’t quite get the face right. So he keeps tugging on the face and the face keeps going back into a weird smile.  Our growth, our evolution – it’s a little like that right now.







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