Belinda J. Womack – 12 Archangels Healing for Healers – 3-17-16



Belinda J. Womack   –   12 Archangels Healing for Healers   –   3-17-16


by Belinda J. Womack

Spiritual healers of the human body, mind and spirit need to have the finesse to quickly move their egos into a still and quiet place so that their clear and accurate intuition can see where transformation is most needed. Achieving the ability to dissolve the ego-self on demand may take many lives to perfect and with this acknowledgment, the 12 Archangels of the Central Sun offer their guidance for healers. They remind us, yet again, that healers need to value receiving help for their own selves as equally important as they value helping their clients. Gabriel is blowing her horn and telling us, “You have taken self-sacrifice too far. We shake the atoms in your being to awaken the AWARENESS of your own sacred humanness. We tell you that you are worthy of existing in your own lives, of being visible, heard and seen, just for being beautiful you, not because of all you are capable of giving.”

This great and expansive multitude of unconditionally loving Angels hold our atoms together as we experience the illusion of separation from our Creator in order to learn the value of choosing LOVE. They can expand in number and magnificence similar to adding more talented musicians to a world-class orchestra. Every particle of God’s energy, anywhere in the great Cosmos, can benefit from the Angels’ glorious music and the power of their healing Sound and Light.

On Earth, every true healer is guided with the Angels infinite and precise wisdom (whether they believe in Angels or not) and are also gently cradled by their stronger-than-diamond protection. The 12 Archangels beseech healers to stop their disappearing act. They encourage us to have childlike temper tantrums by demanding that our serving souls allow our egos to participate in all the fun and abundance of bringing Heaven to Earth.

What might such a temper tantrum look like in our outer reality? When the child that lives within every human adult has had enough neglect, he/she will create a significant lack of resources (money or love or both), or a health crisis, or whatever it takes to get our attention. As we lie in our beds of despair, finally taking time to reconnect with ourselves and feel our own feelings for a change, we then cry out, “God, why have you forsaken me?” The Angels say that God always has the same response. God says, “I AM here. Seek me through the abandoned child that lives within you, for we are one.”

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