Jesus / Sananda – Message of Love and Support – Genoveva of The Council Of Love – 3-15-16


“Greetings and Good Morning ,

My dear brothers and sisters , this is Jesus Sananda and I come here to be with you and bring you a message of Love and support and to thank you for your determination and steadfastness in continuing your work , facing your fears , dismissing your worries and eliminating your doubts whenever they arise .This is part of the difficulty of Being and living on Earth , for I know that it is hard to be believe and keep the faith when you feel blinded and limited , but you have to trust Me when I say to thee that you are all on the right and straight path and leaping forward at the speed of Love. It is difficult when you feel overwhelmed to keep the faith and trust , to keep on going , but what we see is that you are getting up regardless how many times you stumble and even fall and this is more important than being perfect and done and over with your mission . You all want to see objective evidence in your physical realities , of your progress and of your work , and most of you can actually see that , and we are making all the efforts to show you that we are with you, that we are progressing ,  for there is no way that we are going to give up now , we have worked too hard and we are too close to the victory .

I want you  to understand though , that you are all safe and protected at all times , that there is no one outside of you that is allowed to attack and deter you , that whenever you are facing challenges , see them as your own lessons for advancement and growth and as aspects and facets of your own self that are crying and looking for resolution and ultimately for your love and acceptance . These are opportunities for you to move through limitations and learn , to expand and grow and to incorporate more and more of your magnificent multidimensional Self . 

Again and again , we are asking you to call on us and to allow us to assist and bring you clarity and understanding of what are your facing at the time , of what steps and actions you need to take further , to make it easier for you that you can move through any obstacles swiftly and without judgement . You have being told to stay in your hearts and to see everything through the lens and eyes of Love and to send Love to any situation for this is the answer , and I am here to reiterate and reinforce this very Truth !

Yes , that means that you are still to set boundaries, lovingly of course , that still means of cutting and severing cords of attachments of others , lovingly and compassionately for you see, most of the ones draining you of your precious energy are not even aware of their doing and if they are, it is the  time  to firmly but lovingly  stop it . And yes indeed sending love to your sweet selves for you are all changing and evolving rapidly and you are in need of tender care and nourishment and sending Love to Us , for you see even if we are able to replenish and refill from the Mother and Father One ,  it is so special and precious when it comes from you , from our Beloved brothers and sisters,  it means so much to all of Us.

If you can remember one thing to treat yourselves with Love and consideration at all times, regardless where you find yourself on your path , to release and eliminate the shame and guilt and the judgment of self and others, then all of the pieces of your work and mission will follow and fall in the place easily and effortlessly .

I will leave you now with my love and appreciation ,


Author: Higher Density Blog

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