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We have already talked about the earth, water and air elements before. Reiki symbols are not just symbols, but they are actually scientifically connected to nature. Fire is the fourth element in the “Panchbhuta”.

Raku – the fire

Fire liquefies everything. It also liquefies all negative clots from the body. Fire represents action, will, passion, anger, desire, lust, energy, destruction, strength and protection. Fire symbolizes the will and the will power. The fire also gives us warmth. The symbolRaku means “The Fire Serpent.” It is not part of master symbols, but highly used for the balancing the energy after the attunement. The symbol also used for the grounding and sealing energy in the seven chakras and keep it flowing inside. It also symbolizes the lightning from the heaven and represents the life force energy. The symbol also used for the quick healing of the whole body with proper training.

In India, in the ancient time, the Rishis used to have many rituals with the sacred fire. This fire purifies the environment and was also used to purify the body of the person. This was used with the chanting before. Raku is the beautiful symbol which helps to balance the fire element in our body. The chakra related to this symbol is the Solar Plexus and the parts of the body are the digestive system. This symbol can be used with other symbols of Reiki and sealed with the power symbol to increase its power.

The qualities which can be improved in anyone by using this symbol are enthusiasm, courage, will power, faithfulness and daring. The imbalance of fire in the body brings problems of the digestive system and also makes the person stubborn, greedy, jealous, angry and resentful. If the fire element is over than required, the person becomes violent, egotistical and dominating.

Balance five elements with Reiki
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Many times just after the attunement or during the initial 21 days cleaning process after the attunement, many feel different problems related to the digestive system including diarrhea, vomiting and many other symptoms. This happened due to the cleaning of the negative elements in the body. But the teacher can decrease the symptoms by grounding the energy right after the attunement with the use of the symbol Raku.

This symbol has the effect of lightning. That means if you use this power with wit you can get the best results in healing as well as it makes the process faster. Like the lightning, it has tons of energy than any other source. But it also has the power to burn everything so this symbol is always used with the other symbol. My teacher who taught me Reiki has given me another beautiful use of this symbol. Whenever you need the sudden Reiki in very short time, you can use this symbol. For example, during driving, if you see some car met with an accident or in some critical conditions, this symbol gives the best results.
Additionally, if you want to speed up any process, you can use this symbol. The lightning happens in the seconds and this symbol also fastens the results. For example, if you have an exam in few minutes and if you want to quickly remember something, you can fasten the process of memorizing by using this symbol.

Apart from this, the fire could be also used for the cleansing. Means many of our negative thoughts and beliefs are there from the childhood. They actually have stuck our thought process. Also, many people have diseases related to clots or kidney stones. This symbol liquefies all the solid stuff and helps to remove it from the body. This symbol is used for this kind of diseases or to heal stubborn thoughts of the patient or self.

Crystals used for balancing the fire element: Amber, Carnelian, Citrine, Fire Agate, Fire Opal, Garnet, Red Calcite, Red Jasper, Red Tourmaline, Ruby, Sardonyx, Sunstone, Volcanic Black Salt (natural).

Plants used to balance the fire element: Thorn, Oak, Basil, Cinnamon, Garlic, and Sunflower.

  • This meditation can be carried out near the campfires or if this is not possible, you can burn red color candles.
  • Take 10 deep breaths and relax.
  • You can use plants and flowers as an addition to this meditation. Also, use symbols such as Lion and Tiger to add the fire energy.
  • The Solar Plexus chakra is mainly related to this meditation, but you can give Reiki to all the chakras. Also, this meditation helps to balance your digestive system.
  • Angel Michael is the god for the fire element.
  • Say your Reiki prayer and call the angel Michael and ask the guidance throughout the meditation. Use the distance symbol in this meditation.
  • Put your hands above the candles to feel the warmth of the fire. Grab the divine energy from the candle fire as much as possible.
  • Think about all the negative aspects of your life and cut the cords from them. Say yourself 3 times: I am protected.
  • Do all the symbols and Raku and again the emotional symbol and the power symbol.
  • See your intentions are manifesting very quickly with this symbol and it is giving the lightning speed and energy to your all intentions.
  • Breathe out all the negative fire energy from the body. Think that your digestive system working at the best in your body and all the blocks which are physical or emotional are getting removed one by one with this symbol energy.
  • The whole body is getting cleaned. The fire element has been balanced.
  • Feel the gratitude for everything in your life. Say thanks to the angel for all the guidance.
  • Open your eyes and breathe normally.

This symbol not only removes the blocks in the body at physical and emotional level, but also helps to liquefy any energy which is in excess and removes it by grounding. This symbol also helps to remove extra fat, cholesterol and anything which is not required from the body. The ladies who have problems of Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome can use this symbol with other symbols to remove excess cysts. This also helps to find and remove the kidney stones from the body. It also helps to dissolve and remove any clots inside the body. The patients with cancer clots can be healed by using this symbol. You can also use this to clean clots in the aura.

Lots of love and light!

Dhwani Parikh

Dhwani Parikh is a Freelance writer, Reiki Usui master, Mind Power specialist, Music healer, Astrologist and Tarot Card Reader. She has been emotionally attached with Reiki from many years. She has got a very high intuitive power and very good sense of vibrations. She has lost 14 kgs of weight with help of Reiki and visualization. Reiki is the biggest part of her success in marketing and sales career. She has found her twin flame relationship by medium of Reiki. Reiki saved her from many negative events and vibrations. Reiki has brought new perspectives of her life and wants to spread this miracle of Reiki around the World. Dhwani lives in Toronto, Canada. Reach Dhwani on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/raceisnotover or email on reikimasterdhwani@gmail.com.

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