Matt Kahn – Energy Update – March 2016

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Energy Update – March 2016

The energies arising these past few weeks have caused some topsy-turvy movements in technology, interpersonal relationships, as well as equilibrium, which can often make it difficult to notice the gifts being offered when stirring up your reality in such unexpected ways. The major theme of benefit for these past few weeks is greater DNA activation and synthesis. In particular, it is the dissolving of carbon-based DNA, along with the simultaneous activation of crystalline DNA that serves to further ground you into the grace of unity consciousness.

So what does it mean to be in a new spiritual paradigm, beyond the point of needing to constantly clear your energy field, while not necessarily always feeling the way you prefer? The answer is a fundamental shift into a more heart-centered consciousness, where you don’t have to be comfortable, or even like how you feel, in order to expand your parameters of perception by learning more about the natural healing process already in progress.

Much like a baby crying in response to the process of digesting food that it may not be accustomed to experiencing in its newly-inhabited human form, it is common to feel frustration, despair, pain, rigidity, or discomfort whenever experiencing something new, unexpected, or beyond your known reference points that have been gathered from the past.

In 3D consciousness, the tendency is to judge a sign of transformation in progress as an indication of something you must transcend or resolve in some sort of way. The tendency is to perceive something you don’t understand as a problem to solve, or proof of lower vibrational existence.

In 5D consciousness, the things you may not understand or even enjoy experiencing are offered the respect of being honored as signposts of a greater spiritual transformation underway, where instead of understanding as a way of moving away from difficult experiences, you are guided to understand its purpose as a way of assisting in the process.

It is an important shift from “why do I hurt?” to “how can I help?”

It is important to remember, no particular thought or feeling indicates a lower vibration, since the experiences you are most likely to judge is a process of energetic synthesis, much like a baby feeling the discomfort of digesting solid food for the first time. Instead, a lower vibration merely indicates a tendency to assume the discomfort of unexpected experiences to be an enemy to oppose or an obstacle to conquer.

As your vibration elevates in consciousness, you become an ally to the mind, a companion to your heart, and a faithful assistant to the body’s experience of your awakening consciousness. This may include inviting the assistance of modern day medicine, instead of proving something to yourself by insisting on healing it on an emotional or energetic level. Every stage of your journey is unique and may even require some form of medical attention to honor the evolution unfolding in you. In any given moment, you don’t have to like how you feel, but it certainly doesn’t have to be judged as a spiritual journey gone wrong.

When DNA shifts out of 3D timelines and into a 5D grid system, the common process is waxing and waning throughout emotional highs and lows. Much like the rising and falling of waves builds up velocity to carry along whatever form floats upon it, each existential high and emotional low builds up the proper amount of momentum to move you out of 3D and into 5D consciousness until the back and forth settles you into the center of the zero point field. In zero point, you experience a new frontier of grounded being in 5D consciousness, which can feel more like a spacious emptiness than the overwhelming joy you may be expecting.
Here is a brief overview to help you understand the process of awakening from an energetic perspective:

-Emotional highs and lows represent the shifting out of 3D carbon-based DNA as 5D crystalline DNA is activated and further synthesized.

-No thought or feeling indicates a lower vibration. Vibrational alignment is more so determined by how open you are to experiences being activators of higher evolution, or enemies to chase away, avoid, or overcome.

-Once the highs and lows guide you into the center of zero point, the experience of grounding your awareness into 5D reality begins with emptiness, which is not a sign of lack or deficiency, but your natural state of being as life’s eternal source. It is much like living your whole life as the oscillating movement of waves only to have your perspective shifted into being the open and undisturbed ocean throughout it all.

-When your newly-grounded awareness has been fully integrated into 5D consciousness, the returning of passion, flow, physical wellness, and emotional harmony arises, along with clear intuitive direction for the unfolding of your destiny that can be welcomed with greater maturity, ease, and joy. When fully integrated, abundance can be manifested as reflections of your evolving self-worth, as a result of engaging each activity with openness, humility, and gratitude for the precious gift of life.

-In 3D, anything is potentially conspiring against you. In 5D, everything is on your side, whether or not you understand the process you’re in, or even enjoy the way it feels.
While the first wave of ascension, or the percentage of beings on Earth most aware or interested in spiritual evolution, are leading the way for a global shift occurring in waves over time, each member of the first wave is going to experience DNA synthesis and integration into 5D consciousness in their own unique way and rate of speed. To compare your evolution to others is a 3D pattern of comparison, whereas the desire to notice the suchness of your journey as an opportunity to assist, nurture, and support your body through various stages of transformation is a core value of 5th dimensional existence.

In 5D consciousness, each moment becomes an opportunity to offer yourself the grace of gentle, heart-centered support. When offered from the purity of your being, it is always balanced with the ability to be honest about how you feel, without projecting it onto others, or waging a war within yourself along the way.
Through the law of One and by the power of Unity consciousness, every moment of heart-centered care helps an entire planet to learn how to honor, cherish, respect, and embrace itself through the most profound journey of awakening this planet has ever known. In essence, your most loving support of your own journey allows others to become aware of their journey and learn how to be the source of loving attention they may have spent the majority of their lives desperately seeking from others.
In 5D consciousness, relationship building occurs from the inside out, whereas in the outdated 3D model, we tend to go about it from the outside in. As your DNA further synthesizes and grounds your awareness into 5D consciousness, the gravity of relationship building reverses in polarity. Once this shift occurs, vibration is no longer defined by what occurs, but how you respond to the circumstances at hand.

Whether feeling the light of unity consciousness pulsating within you, carrying you along each passing moment, where everything is on your side instead of against you, or perhaps you are being tossed back and forth in DNA synthesis, determined to only recognize new horizons of evolution once you feel the way you wish to be – you always deserve more love, not less.

Even if you are stuck in pain, physically debilitated, or confusing the emptiness of zero point with sadness, grief, loneliness, despair, or depression, each breath always represents opportunities to pause from the demands of life and allow loving yourself to be one of the most invaluable gifts of support offered to every heart by embracing yourself at a deeper level.
Let us also not judge the assistance that modern day medicine can provide for those whose bodies require greater support for their journey ahead. In 5D consciousness, all forms of medicine become integrative, where western, eastern, and energetic approaches can team up and provide comprehensive care for the human being, without the judgment of “the difficult experiences I am having are because I wasn’t conscious enough to heal it emotionally or shift it energetically”.

May you feed your body with the highest quality nutrition during this time of acceleration, and surrender any tendency to pollute your energy field with preservatives, chemicals, or toxins. In 3D, human beings do whatever they can to be high, often at the expense of their relationships, mind, and body. In 5D consciousness, getting high is not confused with being happy.
Instead, happiness occurs by how often we assist in our evolution versus resist the energetic process already underway. In fact, in 5D, getting high is no longer perceived as a moment of happiness, but a fleeting momentary pause from discovering the true happiness within you that comes to life when existential ups, emotional lows, or simply resting as the emptiness of zero point reality become equal opportunities to love what arises.
It’s not about loving the experiences you are having, but honoring, adoring, and supporting the one within you having such experiences throughout each breakdown or breakthrough that comes your way.

The mantra during these vital stages of awakening is: “Take your time”. No matter how much needs to get done, it can all be accomplished by moving just a little bit slower, talking just a little bit softer, speaking just a little bit more lovingly, behaving just a little bit more politely, being just a little bit more honorable, choosing just a little bit more wisely, listening just a little bit more deeply to yourself and others, and feeling your experiences just a little bit more openly, as a gift of evolution for one and all.

The more you relax, the faster your evolution seems to unfold.
Many blessings Beloved Ones,
Matt Kahn

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