David Wilcock via Kauilapele – This is Disclosure Document, in the Making – 3-6-16

David Wilcock 3-6-16… “Just Say No to Partial Disclosure!” (and this isn’t even the “real article” yet)

David_Wilcock_Search170David is pushing for FULL disclosure in this article (in contrast to the partial, which the cabal apparently prefers), along with passing information to us about what he has personally been going through.

Personally, I’m “tired” of waiting for all this full disclosure. I was ready for it back in 2008. Let’s get it on, baby!!




DUANE:  David Wilcock and Corey Goode have been working intensely togther to bring about Disclosure.  The pressure on them is intense.  They attempt to draw some Alternate Scenarios about full vs partial disclosure. 

Lord Sananda  / Zorra  /  state that we are in a New Timeline.  With the Positive News of yesterday and today,  the Divine Plan is poised for Victory. 

By the way , even the Sphere Beings have to answer to Prime Creator.

Comments are encouraged.  This is about the future of our Humanity.

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