Jennifer Hoffman – March Energy Report 2016 – Enlightening Life – 3-35-16

Jennifer Hoffman   –   March Energy Report 2016   –   Enlightening Life   –   3-35-16


As I was thinking about March’s energy, the words ‘rise and shine’ came to me. And I think that’s appropriate for this very busy month. It is said that the month of March ‘comes in like a lion and out like a lamb’. While that term refers to the weather, I think that on an energetic level we’re going to hear a few roars this month, there is so much going on. The month begins in the 9th week of the year with a 9 year vibration, 9 is the number of completion and ‘heaven on earth’, and all types of completion are supported. March is the third month and with the 9 of 2016 ( 9 + 3 = 12 or 3) we have a double 3 vibration all month, the number of Enlightened Mastery. Then we have two eclipses and the solstice, as well as the usual ongoing heavy planetary activity in the background. If you have been wanting forward movement, this may be your time to blast off, just remember to stay grounded, it’s easy to lose your footing when there is this much activity going on.

First, let’s talk about the 33 of March because it is its most important aspect. ‘Enlightened Mastery’ is a tricky thing as we can attach a lot of expectations to that term and then get disappointed if it appears that nothing happens. We think of it as a ‘gift from God’ and it is anything but that. It is actually our own Source energy activation, where we make room in our humanity for our divinity partnership to co-exist within us.

While we may prefer to view it as a gift or a special blessing, we’re the ones who bless ourselves with this new level of duality – human and divine within the same physical space. We are releasing polarity with the 5D integration and ascension, and polarity and duality are not the same thing. Polarity is 3D separation; duality is 5D multi-dimensionality, co-existence of a plurality of expanded energetic frequencies.

It takes a while for our material reality to catch up to our spiritual reality, so don’t discount everything that happens under the surface because that’s where the real action takes place. Once we see the effects in our material reality, all of the energetic action has already taken place. It’s like sitting down to a nice meal at a restaurant. All of the work it took to prepare that meal has already happened. You aren’t served a plate full of ingredients and are told to get busy if you want to eat; you get the already prepared meal. In this case, the ‘meal’ is the results or outcomes that are aligned with your intention, so keep them high.

And don’t judge anything that you think is or is not happening during the month, ‘mind the gap’ in energy because what you notice as being wrong or not fulfilling is a sign of your own progress. You are disconnecting from your own 3D paradigm connections and seeking new avenues of potential. Again, it’s a little tricky because you may have expectations of how that could happen, and some of the results may be disappointing, especially if they involve big changes in people and situations that you didn’t anticipate.

Next we have a total solar eclipse on March 9 which is not unusual, as we usually have eclipses in March. But this one is special because it is bringing a lot of spiritual power together to create a perfect storm for healing and transformation. With its connections to Jupiter, Chiron, Saturn, Pluto, Mars, Venus, the North Node, Ceres, Pluto, and Mercury (all of the planets), a lot of karma will be stirred up and the gap between 3D and 5D gets even bigger. Saturn is square all of this spiritual energy, inviting us to choose our path but not in a separating way, we are on the path of integration in 5D realities. Saturn’s presence asks us to step into the grown-up shoes we know we can fit into. Too much of today’s spiritual teachings are the airy-fairy, love and light that is an escape from reality rather than a way to ground the spiritual into the material world. Remember that we’re bringing heaven on earth as an integration, not destroying the earth so heaven can take over.

This can create big energy gaps in your own life as your path into energetic congruence tightens up, which means that manifestation happens more quickly on all levels. So the relationship that was sputtering along suddenly ends, or the thing you wanted appears and now you have to think about how you are going to integrate it into your life. Or you decide you no longer want to deal with certain people and situations and you have an epic emotional download with everyone in your life that makes your feelings very clear, maybe for the first time. Don’t criticize or judge yourself for being mean or insensitive, you have probably been carrying this energy for a very long time and like everything that has been pressed down, denied, suppressed, and not expressed, when it comes out it isn’t pretty.

Think of the eclipse aspects as standing at the four corners of a square, pouring energy into the square and we are in the middle. The question with Enlightened Mastery is not ‘What do you want to heal’ but ‘What do you want to create now’. With this level of mastery the past becomes a contributory detail if we keep moving our energy onto the next levels of creation into what is expanded multi-dimensionality. It becomes an anchor to our expansion if we focus on it and keep trying to change it into something else. What is happening now is all that matters because it is the only thing we can control or have any power over. And in spite of everything that has happened in the last 70 years with respect to energy/mind control, we do have sovereignty over our own energy. Learn more in my new book, click here to find out about how our energy has been so compromised, used, misused, manipulated, and violated, and what we can do to get it back.

The massive amount of spiritual energy that is pouring into that square is augmenting everything in the square, which includes all of your beliefs, thoughts, hopes, fears, dreams, and current reality. What do you want to see more of in your life? What do you want to see less of in your life? Energy is non-judgmental and it lifts all frequencies and thoughts, keep yours aligned with what you want to create now.

The Equinox on March 21 is the beginning of the astrological year, the zodiac resets to 0 Aries and we begin another cycle. But we’re already in some powerful new cycles, so this equinox becomes another focal point for transformation. Think of this as our cosmic new year and set some intentions for new beginnings, which is what Aries represents. With its ruler, Mars, entering another fire sign, as it prepares to retrograde in April, there is plenty of energy for taking guided, intentional action now. But Mars is in its shadow retrograde too, so expect to revisit this again in the coming months as the Mars retro ends on August 21.

Let’s not forget our second eclipse on March 23, just after the Equinox, which features Mercury, the little trickster, and trine Mars, which is in shadow retro. It’s another power point this month that can bring unexpected surprises, don’t underestimate the power of Mercury. It may be the smallest planet but it has strong ties to karma, our creative power, and our life lessons. It also rules the 3rd sign in the zodiac, another ‘3’ in a month that has heavy mastery energy.

If you’re wondering how to do that, with everything else that is happening now, remember we’re working from our ‘enlightened mastery’ state this month. We are in charge here, we control the energy flows – they just flow in every direction. We need to be open, aligned, congruent containers with strong intentions and big outcomes for the energy to flow into.

And I have to mention the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square because it’s active too now, and it stays with us throughout the year. I think that’s why we’re seeing so much social correction, information, and different types of revelations in the world now. They are coming out due to the constant pressure from the Uranus/Pluto square. Even the revelation of human mind/energy control experiments and my book reflects that. In the early 1960s, when these tests were going on everywhere, Uranus and Pluto were conjunct in Virgo, which is also the sign that’s getting all of the attention this month.

What goes around does eventually come around, and karmic paybacks have a strange way of happening when we least expect it. Let’s see what happens in the coming months as more people come forward with information and the truth and we have to figure out what to do with it. Anger is one response but so is the freedom that is possible when we know what the truth is and have all of the information in front of us.

Saturn is stationing, standing still as it prepares to turn retrograde on March 25, repeating a cycle from June to November 1987. You may see some repeats from that time, in the form of people, beliefs, and situations. They aren’t do-overs, they are re-set points, where we can set the energy to new levels and make different choices. When does this end? It doesn’t, energy keeps moving and flowing and we can use it to make different choices, assess our outcomes and re-adjust how we use energy.

The final weekend of March is Easter weekend, when we celebrate the resurrection and ascension of Jesus as a religious metaphor for our own ascension path. We can rise this month, there’s plenty of energy for that, or we can let our fears overtake us. I suggest we look at rising, it’s a lot more fun than the alternatives.

Don’t look for the end of the road now, look for the new horizons that your soul is asking you to explore as you fulfill one aspect of your life purpose and prepare to move into new potentials and new soul missions. Healing cycles need to end as we accept our wholeness so can move into energetic congruenceTM. The past represents what you have already finished with and is a stepping stone into the present and future. Finally, it’s a month for action but that process begins with alignment, not acceleration. We need to have a direction first before we get in the car and blast off. Open your wings wide this month, it’s time to soar. Have a wonderful month.


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