HEAVEN LETTER #5577 – The Truth of Everyone – 3-2-16


HEAVEN #5577 The Truth of Everyone



God said:

You are beyond the blue horizon. You are beyond greater than you can imagine. You don’t begin to fathom how far you extend beyond the Universe. You don’t begin to comprehend yourself and how boundless in Truth you are.

You came to this Earth knowing more about yourself than you may dare dream of now.

What if you could believe in yourself more? What if you could believe that you are a significant factor in the Universe, that you are a Pinnacle of the Universe?

There is a common expression in English that says: “You can’t keep her down on the farm.” I see this to mean that all the people that the world considers common and people who consider themselves common as well break through unimaginable boundaries to expand beyond old-fashioned ideas. When it comes to belief in your Self, way too many of My children have simply just stayed on the farm.

When did someone last declare your wonderfulness? When did you?

Most of My children in the world have had their value based on test scores and fitting into a confining tamped-down world. Perhaps no one ever saw your glory or even considered the idea of glory whatsoever when applied to themselves or to you or to anyone. Many have been so earthbound that they are like plow horses who wear blinders and trudge up and down the furrows of the land.

It had been unheard of to peek around blinders or take them off. It wasn’t banned, yet it was considered cautionary.

Now is time to remove those blinders that keep too many High Souls confined to accepted limits. Every one of My children is born a High Soul.

Whoever gave you even a hint of your Worthiness? Who even had a glimpse of you in your True Light? Who encouraged you? Who saw a bigger world?

Yes, indeedy, by and large, everyone has been kept down on the farm. When did you catch on that there could be a place beyond where turnips grow and where greater and greater beauteousness bursts through where you truly belong? Whoever pointed this out to you? Most everyone was busily holding onto insignificance and undeservingness.

It seemed as if plow horse is what you always were and would always be. There were no other possibilities for you. There was nothing more to aspire to. Ho hum. There may have been no other real ambition for you but to be a drone on Earth and manage to get through life without too much pain.

Now you are coming to see for yourself that there is more to you than meets the eye. Now you see that you hold great purpose, not only for yourself, but for others, and now you know you are not the only one.

Beloveds, you are graduating from the world and reaching up to the High Heavens. You are beginning to have an impact upon yourself. You are reaching high to explore the depths of yourself. You are beginning to dare to look up. You are looking up, and your life, as you see it, is looking up.

You are the horizon you begin to see. A bird of hope begins to throb in your heart, and you are strengthened.

Rather, you are beginning to notice your very strength, which is ultimately My Light within you. You are beginning to sparkle with an idea you hardly grasp that you are actually bountiful and a high blessing to the world, and that you always were. Can this be? Yes, it can be. It is.

I will venture to say that you have heretofore hardly had a suspicion of the Greatness you are and always were. You slurred over the meaning of the words — made in My image. These were empty words to you. Just mumbo-jumbo, just sounds that were made as if without a foundation.

There was perhaps a tendency for you to not see yourself as good enough for this world. The clamped-down world misrepresented itself to you and belied the Truth of you.

Now you are lifting your head and coming into your own, My Own, that is, and the Truth of Everyone. Thus, you are humbled. You know now that specialness doesn’t come from your individuality and that, not only you are special; everyone is.

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