Heavenletters – Apologies May Be Excuses – 3-1-16


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God said:

No longer berate yourselves for any of your sliding by in life or misrepresenting Me or your Self. Absolutely, do not beat yourself up.

You have been very good at beating yourself up. There is no percentage in denouncing yourself in the first place. Get off your own back. Absolve yourself from weakness. Beating yourself up is a great weakness. It surpasses making up a false defense, alibi, or excuse. Beating yourself up does not benefit you or anyone.

Excuses are only words. Beating yourself up is also made only of words. Give up the words, and love yourself once more and for once and for all. Love looking at yourself in the eye. You are a human being who may have liked to run away from responsibility.

The whole population is well familiar with the desire to duck responsibility. Gain then from having piled up your plate too high. Swear off this kind of indulgence called defending yourself at the same time as you linger over a mistake. No longer find reasons to berate yourself.

No longer are you to indulge yourself in attempting to get yourself out of a situation you put yourself into so flawlessly. No longer delve into regrets either.

Within you lie both an adult and a child. The child in you looks for loop holes all over the place and grabs onto one the way the boy in a nursery rhyme pulled out a plum and said: “What a good boy am I!” Avoiding truthfulness is not a good idea. Fooling yourself is not a good idea.

The adult within you looks you right in the eye and owns up to your responsibility to yourself, not profusely, and not to the world as a movie star might admit a misdemeanor. Your adult self doesn’t try to get away with anything. Your adult self gets on with life and stays out of drama.

For every excuse you make, you become an inch shorter. Apologies do not add to your height either. Apologies do not excuse you from responsibility. Apologies are not your purpose in life. Apologize to yourself for all the apologies you have made.

Whoever said that truth is the best policy hit the nail on the head. If you want to get yourself off the hook, all you have to do is be honest. The path to truthfulness is the easy way to relieve yourself from tension. Truthfulness is the way to peace. Is there another? Be truthful with yourself in the first place.

No longer hide from yourself. What a freeing thing to answer yourself truthfully with aplomb. This changes your whole posture. Own up to your lapses, and you are stronger than ever, yet do not put your lapses on parade and apologize profusely.

What have you been hiding from? What are you waiting for? Why are you delaying the inevitable? Let’s shake hands on your next step which is to move forward. Congratulations.

It is inevitable that you will save yourself wear and tear and bring back your True Self and bring your True Self to the fore. Your True Self is no slouch. You are the real goods. Your True Self can be counted on. Rely on your True Self. Let go of the rest.

You are Bright Sunshine. You are not at all a shadow figure. You do not go in and out of Truth. You are unshakably in My Image. Remember Who It is That You Represent. You do not play Dodgem. Be true to My Image. Uplift the world. Hold it high.

Don’t forget, you carry Me in your DNA. I carry you in My heart. Your DNA is My heart planted in you.

Let your Higher Self speak for you. Let go of the imagined past.

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