Lisa Transcendence Brown – Energy Update – 2-26-16

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Lisa Transcendence Brown   –    Energy Update  –   2-26-16


After a huge blast of light and sleep to integrate, your physical realities will show you where things need to be adjusted, tweaked and re-tuned by you from within. Quantum Light brings new expanded awareness that we apply to our physical reality here. Light gives us the ability to grab a whole new awesome reality by creating, implementing and mastering even more in the same space than we could before.

Presence with our thoughts, mastery is of the self AND the entire physical reality out there. Yet, at first we must pull away, go inside and figure things out. Cut out the external distractions and influences, so that WE CAN HEAR/SEE/FEEL/DETERMINE our own truth from the old programs that play inside of us. Where we are not fully conscious, there will be confusion that offers us the ability to go deeper inside, deeper into what is truly going on inside of us, to see what we hold within, what we are/are not doing and what WE need to do to shift into a whole new reality of a higher consciousness and exquisite magical vibration.

Our physical realities require that we observe and make choices all along the way. They require ACTION in every moment, when things are not working in flow, productive, serving a higher purpose and elevating consciousness of all involved.

First, go inside, find your happy, find your inspiration, find your peaceful place and grab your “big boy pants” and put them on and get busy with that which you already have available too you. Open up to higher vibrational guidance from within…. and if you are not, then you are not listening and your reality will show you this.

Your Universe is you and as you EMERGE AS THE UNIVERSE AND SOURCE AGAIN… you have to be the one responsible for every moment, what you allow your thoughts to think, where you put your focus, what you allow to occur. Growing up AS A NEW EARTH LIGHT BEING means MASTERING ALL from the inside and dedicating your energy to that which you do desire to experience here.

These realities change in every moment now. Faster and faster and more powerful than ever before. Where one falls back on “old programs/ways” of safe, easy or getting by… those are not supported anymore.

Here, our abundance and prosperity is a result of our intentional, focused, productive and inspired actions. WE are the FOUNDATION of our realities and everything depends on and responds vibrationally to us. When we don’t step up, our universe quickly auto-corrects for us. We have to pay attention to everything, in every moment… and we have to honor ourselves and all at one time here. Balance is an understatement for managing a multitude of dimensional realities all in one space.

You are responsible for you, what you do, your vibration, what you think, what you allow, what you do not do…

A hologram works two ways…. and being a transmitter of a hologram means utilizing your power in order to change the hologram at will. That which materializes is to show you many things… unlimited perspectives, purposes, meanings… can you see them all? Better yet, are you utilizing what you see to change your own reality now?

Your “security” is in your own mastery… within you… your utilizing the light and knowledge that you hold. Taking your love, your light and putting it into something tangible, like making a difference, inspiring, opening hearts and sharing your own realizations, understandings and mastery tools.

The human will discount all of these things as important, not enough, belittle it all. WE see how gifts work and the purposes and how they work too. The more we open and interactive we are, the more we generate within the UNIFIED FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Where we hold back, have limits, still procrastinate or believe the fear, hold judgment or don’t open up… we are the ones affected by this. WE created this whole thing and it’s us that makes the difference and tunes our realities from within. The coolest thing to do is observe your reality as you shift, do, share…. It’s beyond beautiful to experience the openness and inspiration that it creates all around you and for others too!

First we must put things in perspective, see the distortions, imbalances and ask the questions that make a difference. Some questions keep us in a loop cycle and we just go round and round. Others give us answers of what to do, yet as humans we don’t like these, for they push us to step up and stand in our own power as magnificent beings of light here.

Here we observe all and our thoughts support that which we see. These are thoughts from our soul/higher self aspect us, instead of the lower vibrational human ones that love to override our truth. Our truth is what we already know, what we’ve already done in another higher vibrational reality, physical dimensional moment that is waiting for us to “do” in this physical one right here.

For all things, we go deep inside and we see & decide. If we don’t get an answer, we go deeper and deeper until we find the one we seek. We do want to hear/see/feel know and we do want to do. WE realize that those awesome realities are waiting for us… and as we HOLD THAT VIBRATION in our entire being, in our thoughts, in our hearts in our vision, when we can see that holographic reality already and feel our entire being enveloped with love and happiness, that’s the one we focus on, while not attaching or affixing to it. It’s a focal point to get us going… so that we can actually receive a more awesome one than we could even see. That’s how realities work here….

Many master the inside, yet don’t realize the outside is just as much as their response-ability to master too. Many are conscious of out there, yet have no idea that they are not conscious of themselves. NEW EARTH MULTI-DIMENSIONAL MASTERS are conscious of all at the same time, aware of all in every moment and constantly tuning all to SOURCE LIGHT CODE FREQUENCIES as alchemists and pure divine powerful love essence light beings again.

Every moment, the energy shifts…. stargates dial different frequencies and realities shift and change. Presence and observation tell you what you have to do and doing is how you master all…. all from within.

Pay attention to what you allow to occupy your time, your thoughts, your physical reality… this is what your energy is doing… this is what YOU ARE CREATING in your physical here.

Remove the words “I’m trying” or “supposed to”… with “this is what I am doing or this is what I see”…. then shift it to “what am I not doing that I could be doing? What is my fear? Where am I procrastinating? Where do I still hold back? All of this is lack energy …. lack of love, trust, honor, power… lack is lack.

When you stand as love, exist as light, you don’t go unconscious anymore. You are totally aware, totally present, making decisions based upon vibrations and allowing your reality to arrive in response to the vibration you are transmitting with your thoughts, your words, your inspired action, your implementation and accomplishments daily. You are choosing what you do and do not allow…

Mastery also means that you recognize when you go human and that you can observe and master shifting out of this. You do not have to be stuck in human if you are conscious of this. You can shift, observe your human’ness and move through it yourself. You go inside and figure out, seek guidance and do it. Every bit of this is up to you. Every moment. You are RETURNING TO MASTERY, by REMEMBERING fully again. Constant REMINDING and PRACTICE is necessary until you master this.

Notice your patterns, see the moments of experiences connect, see the ripple affects, see how parallels work, how to collapse them, activate them and step right over into another easily, just by opening your heart and mind and unifying all from inside.

Realities adjust quickly here based upon your ability to expand your consciousness instantly and shift. Presence with all is required…. and it’s a natural way of existing here.

Expect the unexpected, embrace all as love, look for the magic, the awesomeness, make it happen in your reality world.

Stillness and sleep are a must for those anchoring massive photonic light to upgrade and float in a space of “no attachment” to the physical reality world. Then it’s time to “land on NEW Earth” and get busy… We do this all along the way though. We don’t wait until things go haywire or fall apart, go…. WE master energy, move energy in a direction of that which we do want to experience in our physical reality world and we stop that which we do not desire to experience anymore.

Grab your power loves, embrace your light, BE love, BE exquisite and focus your energy….. this is what you are creating in every moment here. Unity, love, inspiration or lack, fear and old wasted energy holographic memories/beliefs focused on to carry forth to continue to re-experience until you get done with that in your own reality world. ♥

Grab your fire and desire of inspiration and share share share your beautiful magnificent energy with everyone. Only you can. ♦

I love you! Have an amazing day/weekend/Quantum LEAP everything! ∞

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

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