GCR/RV Goodbye from Josef by Josef – with a Word from Sananda through Kathryn – 2-24-16

Photo: Chosen by Josef
Dear GCR/RV Community,
Many have asked me to continue commenting on current financial, new Republic or spiritual matters… respectfully, I feel it’s time for me to step aside and allow other light workers to lead.  However, I did want to take a moment to extend a final “GCR/RV GOOD BYE” before we engage in the next phase of our soul’s ascension journey together.
Know that this fiscal blessing is both immanent and immense, and so close it’s not even worth commenting on. This monetary transition from dark to light will be peaceful, and it’s performance absolute and certain in short order.
So brothers and sisters be at peace.  Relax.  Gently allow a divine sense of appreciation and gratitude to consume your consciousness.
Because what’s been long prayed for, worked towards, endured and suffered for is finally here by the galactic grace and glory of a loving universe.

God truly is with us.

Thank you for all the kind words and generous compliments in my favor.  Your personal generosity of spirit and commitment to truth was and will always be awe inspiring to me.  IAM so thankful to be considered even the smallest contributor in this amazing GCR/RV community.  We are One.

And while individually my educational work is done, collectively there is still much for us to accomplish together.  As we are part of the 144,000 angelic beings here now to receive and disburse the restored Kingdom of Christ.  Together, we exist as an undeniable force of monetary mercy ready, able and prepared to serve and protect our families, communities, planet and universe as an undeniable force of righteousness.  As it was written, so shall it be done.

Yes, our light worker energy must now transition from our minds down into our hearts, as all aspects of human existence commence in their full process of enlightenment.  So at this time let me offer infinite encouragement and admiration for your personal journey.  As all life matters equally to the Creator, just please know that your life, and your life’s work, are critical to the evolution and ascension of the human species.  Otherwise, you would not be here as Abba simply wastes nothing.

Take great pride as benevolent forces lead the GCR/RV into physically reality now… never shall we return to a usury / debt enslavement illusion that so burdened our ancestors.  As a result, there is no longer a need for anxiety or fear in terms of depending on such emotions for your everyday survival — everything you need, you have been blessed with in unprecedented abundant amounts!  Hallelujah!!!

Thus, holding onto any fear-based consciousness is simply a choice of free will versus an ethereal oppression device designed to invisibly restrict your true, pure and divine nature from being remembered.  The spiritual tether bonding you to earthly suffering has been removed, and you are free to move about your beautiful planet in peace, affluence and harmony.

Finally, know these vast resources you have sought for so many years, no matter the amount or time frame in which they are now to be delivered, are trivial compared to the greatest asset already in your possession… that is your soul… as you are literally a sliver of God’s eternal over-soul, Crystallized into human form by His and your divine covenant (aka co-creation).

We are all Kings and Queens of the same Heavenly miracle.  We are all the meek inheriting the earth.  We are powerful beyond earthly understanding.  And together, we will do even greater things than Yeshua Ben Yosef per the Great Ascended Master’s own words.  So be it.

May God bless your every breath, and keep all that is sacred to you safe and secure.  May your greatest good manifest with unprecedented ease, and touch other souls in need with healing beyond their wildest imaginations.  All is well.

Aloha Ke Akua (God is Love),
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A Word from Sananda
by Sananda through Kathryn
Sananda:  Thank you, our dear Brother Yosef.  Your voice speaks for all the Company of Heaven when you say, ” We are so close it is almost not worth mentioning.”  You have helped our Dear Ones on the ground to understand how everything could be moving rapidly and steadily and still not be obvious to them.  Of course, proclaiming that it is done doesn’t make sense to those who have not yet opened their intuitive powers of detection beyond the confines of the old.  We encourage all now to reach deeply into the depths of their being, whence all joy and abundance springs.  We are all joined in harmony in that place of deep connection.
I reach out to all of you, Beloved Brothers and Sisters, to leave behind any feelings or beliefs of not being able to hear us, not knowing we are with you, not being able to feel our presence close to you.  Do not believe those limiting concepts, my Beloved Ones.  We are One.  How could it be that you would not feel us?  It is impossible.  Only the obstructionist teachings of the past could interfere with our Love in such a commonplace way.  Awake!  Awake!, as Father said.  No one can come between us.  I will not permit it, will you?  We are linked by the Golden Cord, all of us, to Mother and Father God.  That connection can never be broken.
Hear the truth of my words, and the gift of Yosef’s wisdom.  It is truly our time.  Nothing will stand in the way of our Love.  We have created this moment, all of us, with the longing of our hearts and the knowing in our souls.  We can!  Because we Love.  Our Love has brought us to this triumph!  Stand with me, my family, let me hold you close.  Let the tears flow with joy and relief and gladness as we turn our faces to the rising sun.
I am yours, you are mine, my beloved Brothers and Sisters.  Never again will we be parted.  We now walk together into the Light.  Mother and Father God beam their LoveLight and their HoneyLove, all pouring down on us as we embrace one another.  Let the music play, Family.  Let us dance…
I am your Sananda.

 & Transcribed 2/24/16 by Dr. Kathryn E. May)

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