Anne deHart – Morning with Sananda – 2-24-16

Good Morning!   

It’s Us!!

Ummm!!  Just what we were hoping for!

Just right for a cold day… and I bet that is your famous home made bread?

How about some of that famous Irish Grassfed Butter?

Yes!  I thought you’d have some.

What a beautiful golden yellow. And so healthy, too!

Well, here comes Sananda… making himself right at home… bringing the coffee!

And, we are all set!

Well, here I am!  What can I say?  When I asked Sananda to wake me at the perfect time?  He let me sleep 7 hours!!  Wow!

And I did ask Voltra to let me use the Accelerator Chair in Jupiter One while my body was sleeping, for a “pick up.” But somehow, I woke up really, really tired. So, if this happens to you… just know that even getting a full night’s sleep does not always off-set these intense energies, OR…the work that we are doing on the other side, as our bodies sleep!

I did work late last night, because Garrith is getting pretty intense.  I wanted you in on these latest posts, but had to go back and catch up!

I am still a bit perplexed about so much talk about “evacuation.” You will remember, I specifically asked Voltra on the August 26 Ellegion session “Is an evacuation on the horizon?” and received a definite “No!” – Which leads me to believe that Garrith’s use of the word “evacuation” equates to Zorra’s choice of the term, “The Gathering.”  And I believe such is the case.

We can ask Zorra more about this on the Saturday call, because Garrith is also alluding to Earth changes… we must be flexible.

And whatever – there is nothing we can DO about unfolding events except to always be “ready!” – And that means, HIGH vibrations that can accept and gain from any event.

I was excited to hear from Fred yesterday, about the enthusiasm amongst our twins up on the ship, as to the new “bridge” we are creating from this dimension. Here is a short note I received from Fred today:

Good Morning Anne,

     I apologize, I hope I’m not overwhelming you with these emails. I just feel compelled to update you, because this is a planetary process of which I know you are part. Plus, as I found out this morning, and I know how you realize this; the vibration of planet Earth affects the galaxy which in turn affects the entire cosmos. Well as I was meditating with Lucina earlier, I was flooded with 100 times more love than before. Which honestly I didn’t even think was possible, since our connection is beyond belief already. So I asked her, “What was that”? She replied that is the love and thanks coming in from all throughout the cosmos. I said “Wow!” So just some F.Y.I. for you, the Twin connections are being made at a fast and furious rate now, and they are reaching out from both sides! It is only a matter of time that the love just pushes us to the Higher realms and out of the darkness we have been in for so long.

As always much love and light to you Anne,


“Wow!” is right!  Thank you Fred! As I said above, the “name of the game” is – “HIGH Vibrations.”  And that is what we create when connected with our twins! Definitely raising our beloved Planet!

Now, for those who would like the full picture from Fred’s HEN page, go to the 4th page down on our HEN website: Meet our HEN Family.  You will see Fred’s page, and three others just forming. – This can give us some insight as to who our HEN brothers and sisters are, what they are thinking about and doing!

Now I must run as I am taking Jesus’ little sister, Ruth, to dinner and a movie… to see Risen. Isn’t it interesting how we are all being brought together? (Her story is a couple of days back in the Newsletter archives).

See you tomorrow… and here is My Beloved.. our Beloved...


Well, I must say, “Good Afternoon” to each of you!

I am Sananda.


And today we are re-posting the start of a new Scripture which, although written in 2013, I believe can be appropriately applied to today’s world.We will begin now, with Part 1, Chapter 7,
The New Scriptures:  
There are many things which people believe because they have been told to believe it by someone in a position of greater power than they. We should probably say greater perceived power, since power over another person is always an illusion. No one can actually force you to believe something unless you choose to, no matter how they might torture you or prod you. Of course, it is easier to convince children to believe what they are told; this is why religions of all kinds try to enlist the children from birth, even threatening that an infant not baptized or initiated into the church cannot go to heaven.

Why would anyone want to join a church that makes them feel frightened much the time? Why would anyone want to give over their children to a group of people who use fear to control them? Simply threatening dire consequences later in life would not be enough to convert most people who live in the moment without much concern for the distant future, especially the unknown future after death. There had to be much more powerful mind control strategies at work. In order to become a pawn to others’ ideas, one must be afraid for one’s present survival. The most primitive of fears goes back to the days of cave dwelling in difficult conditions; it is the fear of starvation.

Let me explain how this fear is used to control the entire planet. In areas where resources are either limited or can be taken over and controlled by bribing the leaders of an area or country, the Dark Hats have bought up and brought under their control vast areas of the world and its precious resources. This includes food, water and energy products.
Those who could not be completely controlled this way, like the smaller European countries, were convinced to join the European Union, where they would be even more relentlessly at the mercy of creditors (the same Dark Hats) who would eventually gain a stranglehold by manipulating markets, encouraging debt, and then squeezing them economically. Debt holders become Masters once the enslaved country can no longer pay its debts because of the market manipulations which make financial stability impossible.
In a world where prosperity is supposedly based on economic growth, the population has been lulled into believing that a job which brings in money is the key to success and security. This is the Big Lie. The loss of that job leaves a person vulnerable to financial hardship. In the most extreme cases, it might mean hunger or homelesness, in the tiniest minority of the population of extremely disabled or mentally ill people, although even then, social programs in most advanced countries provide a minimally effective social net so that no one actually needs go hungry. Homelessness – having to sleep in the cold – is avoided by the provision of shelters and soup kitchens. These are not especially desirable accommodations, but they do mean that starvation for most (though not all) of the people on the globe is a thing of the past. In places where hunger is wide-spread it can be traced directly to the callousness and greed of those in power.
You see, Mother Earth is generous in her provision for her children. There is not a lack of food to feed all; there is a lack of will to care for all. This is the Darkness which I now ask you to banish from the planet. The era when “looking out for Number One” was not seen as a horrifically immoral attitude is over. You are your brother’s keeper, as he is yours. No one actually gains material success without the help of the whole society. There is no such thing as a self-made man. All citizens benefit from the stability of their governments, their infrastructure, and the service of their fellow citizens who train themselves to be teachers, ambulance drivers, firefighters, farmers and poets.
Yes, I did say poets. What Philistine invented the idea that every artist should be able to create a profitable product, and if they cannot do so, they are not worth paying attention to? How would the greatest minds in history have survived had it not been for mentors, kings and patrons who fed and clothed them so they could do their real work, which was to create inspiring works to uplift their fellow humans?

I am Jesus/Sananda, who lived for Love. I have returned to show you the way Home.

August 16 2013


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  1. Thank U so much for Blogging this most precious part of the New Scriptures to me & many believers in the Power of Love as Jesus /Sananda has been the ultimate example of. In dutch we also have a few writers /channelers who write about the True Jesus & Mary Magalene , Joseph & mother Mary & others like Zebedeus, father of Jacobus & Johannes, involved in the Essene communities & followers of Jesus, back 2000 years ago. & Ton organizes his 12th Peaceconference in Jericho this spring , see : or go to
    See also, where I mention other great dutch writers /channelers, like Caroline & Karel van Huffelen who wrote a very elaborate history of 2000 years Christianity & how many things were manipulated by the Roman Catholic church. Victory of the Light ! Namaste


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