Polona Aurea Dawn – Ascension and Descension – The Sacred Dance of Divine Synchronicity – 2-22-16

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Dear Ones!

We are celebrating the Full Moon in Virgo-Pisces polarity, which reveals to us many deeply hidden spiritual Truths, as we are also beginning to understand and know that what is real in front of us is just as real as that which we know the Truth of Spirit. There is no separation between that, the only thing that is keeping us apart from this knowing are the many layers and veils that prevent us to clearly see and witness Truth just as it Is. For us to clear our pathway as Ascension Pioneers, we need to go through many layers and levels of the unveiling process, and this current Full Moon has the capacity to break down many different barriers between us and perceiving Spirit in form just as real as it Is in the spiritual Truth of non physicality.

There are still many Beings that are polarizing their spiritual experience, moving from one extreme to the other, and this Full Moon has the strongest capacity to merge the gaps that we have falsely co-created as the abyss between Spirit and the world of matter. As we are ascending and evolving, we are beginning to bridge those gap and fill up the crevices that we have created all on our own as a part of a much greater Group Soul agreement. We are doing this work of Light remembrance and refinement separately and together simultaneously. What we know as our multidimensional mission and Ascension is not always most easy to understand in a linear Human fashion. Our mind tries to grasp at such concepts, and yet no profound results ever come from it, only to leave the door of Truth open … to unveil greater Mysteries of the Divine. The Divine is a Mystery, period. That it shall remain, and that is why the infinite and eternal Life in Creation is so brilliantly fascinating to all of us, either consciously or subconsciously.

In order for us to understand earthly Ascension, we need to know the nature of multidimensional Ascension and vice versa. We are doing this bit by bit, layer by layer, as too much too soon would be too much for most of us, and it would also not be as interesting as it it through our chosen unfolding. In order for us to truly understand the Human nature of current consciousness evolution, we need to go through it ourselves, and no ascending Soul is left out of this game. We go through periods of intense and profound awakening, ascension and descension, ups and downs, as we learn to unveil and dismantle, release and integrate. This is how we are doing it on a Human level as well as our Divine Self, which are both merging on multidimensional levels of our personal and collective experience of Ascension. Ascension is a deeply spiritual transformation, and yet it’s a physical process just as well. It’s when our magnetism meets electricity, and together they co-create chemistry!

As we are growing, expanding and evolving, we are being met with many various relationships which trigger us, push our buttons and make us expand beyond the norm, beyond the currently known and embodied. They are the biggest catalysts for our Soul integration and embodiment, so therefore it’s deeply important to connect to like minds, no matter how young or old we are. As Ascension Pioneers, we are here to guide a very specific group of beings who are all volunteer Souls. We guide each other the most by sharing our experiences with each other through deep intimacy and understanding of Soul.

We are here to help the shift in transition to New Earth consciousness, a new ascending reality. These ascending Souls often plan a very challenging lifetime or beginning of the awakening journey for themselves, in order to have both experiences, the Divine and Human, all so that eventually they can fully unify from within and merge both aspects of Creation as One, for there truly is no separation. We are to take our journey and experience as totally perfect, for they know no mistakes, with everything always being guided, no regrets. There are certain experiences one simply must go through in order to have a better understanding of how things function in the earthly reality, to understand and expand the current Human evolution on all levels, from spiritual, mental, emotional and physical, rooting deeply into the causal, stellar and Galactic … always from above and beyond!

Everything we experience is a Soul agreement. Therefore it’s important to understand the process of physical Ascension, which is staying here on this plane of reality, in order to assist and serve Humanity and the planet in this transition. It is not about going somewhere else for these Souls, for it’s all about staying here and walking our mission by remembering what it is. For most, it’s simply becoming the highest most activated version of ourselves so that we can spread those Light codes of Joy and enlightened Presence by radiating them. In order for us to do so in a physical body, we must first embrace all of the fears and limitations of the Human body and experience. So that is why Ascension happens in stages. First stage is awakening and going “up”, remembering these Divine gifts and Higher Self communication, being mostly vertical and remembering that pure Divine connection.

The second stage is “moving down”, which means descending so that we move that Light into every fragment of the Human experience. And this requires patience, trust and higher understanding, which is Self compassion. The third process is merging both, the up and down, feminine and masculine, above and below, to create the “beyond” … which is transcending the current evolutionary state and becoming a New Divine ascended Human in a neutralized polarity Essence of Unity consciousness. That summons it up in a nutshell. So as we live your life day by day, we simply take notice and observe where we currently are in awareness and where our Life force wants to move and what it wants to expand into. We are asked to be in meditative presence, make notes and journal about our experience, speaking to both our Divine and Human consciousness without separation, as both experiences as merging and unifying. We are becoming our Higher Self, it’s no longer perceived as something outside of us.

Just as we enter into different stages of our evolution, so do our relationships reflect that as well. Every relationship has the power to show us where we currently reside in our awareness and what within us wants to naturally expand, so that we can embrace more, become more … until we are nothing but pure Love in Human form. We are currently in a “surrendering” stage of our Self Reunion, which means that we are beginning to feel so humbled by our Human experience that we want nothing else but to embrace the totality of it in every way humanly possible. This means no exceptions and exclusion s. We want it all, and we want it Now! We are no longer feeling our Human experience to be any lower than anything else we may feel in deep Spirit Presence, for we know that it’s born of our Spirit and then it becomes a beautiful form, waiting and longing for more Love, more refinement. Love truly does heal, for Love is the cause of all that was perceived as not healed/whole, and therefore is unlocks the Gates to all that always was whole and complete.

So as we change and evolve, we will notice our ascending relationships do so as well. We are evolving so much, and therefore we no longer witness our relationships as linear, we don’t see people simply as coming and going, appearing and leaving our stage of Ascension. They are ascending along with us, even if they seem to be on their own apparent timelines and have a consciousness of their own, which they truly do. Human relations are and always will remain a mystery. We are not here to finally “get it” or solve them via our Human rational mind. We are here to simply witness them in all their glory, magic and mystery … to be in awe and totally inspired by them, whether we consider them positive or negative at a certain point in our life. They are leaving and coming back, unfolding, blossoming, leaving, separating, coming back for more, unifying and dissolving, integrating and disintegrating, which is a total Divine perfection of Human imperfection.

So as we embrace this knowing, we are ready to release what we currently felt was true about the nature of relating and living our relationships. The more we ascend, the more we also descend, for these are two sides of the same coin. As we do so, we witness the nature of our relationships in such a mysterious way, and we more so than ever before feel them as the reflection of Great Divine archetypes, some of egoic separation and some of Great enlightened Presence and Divine archetypes. These are all to be witnessed for what they are, not what we wish them to be, and from there on a new journey of relating in our Divine Humanness can begin!

Our multidimensionality is making love to our linear concepts and all that we used to know and perceived as “right” we can Now see as random acts of “spiritual ego” in play. We know only for each segment of the journey and no more than that, as well as we also know deep spiritual concepts, and yet … we know nothing at all simultaneously. To know and not know are dancing with each other, the sacred dance of Divine synchronicity as we are embracing so much more than we ever thought possible in our New Human Self, the Homo Luminous! We are the Miracle of Life itself! Our Life is not just this lifetime, and we are everlasting in so many endless ways!

And so as New Humans we tend to grow in Love, and that is what all of our journeys are all about. To be so thirsty for Love that it truly has the power to bring us to our knees … to humble us to see and feel all Life as so sacred, so pure and holy! As we understand this process, we naturally heal by embracing this awareness in stages and layers of your Human evolution. And so, this journey is very precious and special. May feeling this help You on every stage of where You are at, and remember that everyone is perfectly designed by your Soul, whether You are consciously aware of it or not. Our abundant nature is born from our frequency and as we raise it more shall be revealed and more will blossom!

Get ready and be prepared!

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Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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