ARCHANGEL MICHAEL via CHRISTINE – Transmuting Tips! – Here’s How You Can Help More! – 2-21-16

A very warm hello Family!  It is I, your brother Archangel Michael, coming to give you what you have requested…a greater way to help the Prosperity and Freedom Programs of Earth be more expediently and elegantly released into your reality at this time!
You can help right now by increasing the load you are transmuting. Transmutation is the inner process of transforming energy that has been misqulaified – through fearful and traumatic experiences in lower dimensions – back into Light. Everyone on the surface of Earth is transmuting in varying degrees right now.  When Mother and Father God send increased Light to Earth, that Light causes the dark within your being, within your very cells to be displaced by their Love.  At first, this often feels terribly unpleasant because as it happens, you feel, express and experience the dark energies that were lodged within you.  
Ultimately, this process proves itself to be a beautiful gift because it results in the healing, understanding, release and transformation of these formerly dark and discordant energies.  As inner transmutation occurs, all is inevitably restored to the Light.  This is the process of Ascension.   You literally face, feel and release all of your lower experiences.  The energy of those experiences is then able to be restored to Light.  You quite literally, en-Lighten.  
The more you embrace the process of your own inner transmutaion of the dense and dark energies within by allowing those energies being see, felt, released and healed…the more you not only heal yourself, but you create an upward vortex of momentum that allows you to transmute a greater load of heavy energies for Earth.  All transmutation happens through the mechanism of you being willing to face and to feel all pain, shame, fear, anger and damage within yourself.  The goal is pure Light.  
There are teams of Transmuters.   You do not need to know that you are on one of these teams for it to be true.  The fact is, everyone is contributing.  Everyone is transmuting.  Here are tips for how you can help more…
Archangel Michael’s 10 Transmuting Tips
  1. Realize you are already transmuting heavy energies into Light.  Every time you choose to be kind, patient, tolerant or peaceful in the face of adversity, you are transmuting.  This is a natural process, and you are already a pro.  
  2. Go within and go straight for it!  The more something makes you feel tight, uncomfortable, embarrassed, upset, stressed, afraid, angered, indignant, righteous, entitled, impatient, frustrated, and so on, rally your inner battle cry of the Light: “Aha! Here is a super chance for me to transmute!”  Skip all other responses.
  3. With curiosity and tenacity: investigate, feel, release and relax. Understand that it is your job to see, feel and transform all experiences, feelings and energies within you that are not pure joy.  Anywhere you are not feeling relaxed peace of mind and easy joy is where your transmuting load awaits.  
  4. Be very honest with yourself.  Know that anything you blame on another is actually an indicator of something arising within you to be healed and transmuted – once and for ALL – into Light!  
  5. Laugh…a lot.
  6. Ask for help.  We are awaiting your request!  We long to hold you close as you face the buried aches and pains within.  There are teams of angels waiting to help carry the dense energies to the sea of Light for restoration.  You do not have to do it all on your own.  There are generous dispensations in place that whatever you begin, we may greatly assist.
  7. The more consciously you intend to transmute your own deep seeded dense memories, feelings, experiences and energies – the more you will accomplish on a personal and on a grand scale!  This is Ascension.
  8. Focus on the Light.  Do not focus on what is being washed clean. Be willing to feel it deeply and let it goooooo.  Keep your eyes on the prize:  your restoration into Full Consciousness and the Light of Home.
  9. Always always connect to the heart of dear Terra, our Mother Earth and to the Love and Consciousness of our Mother Father God.  This is all the guidance, protection and assistance you could ever require to ensure your transmuting is on track and in service.
  10. Trust and Know that your efforts to consciously transmute heavy energies into Light through honesty and love is a brave and powerful act that contributes tremendously to your own Ascension and provides indescribable service to your reality. Receive our love, support and gratitude.
Ok Transmuters!  You are all freshly deputized onto the forward team.  Let’s get these Prosperity Programs landed!  
W will be here with you, holding you as you dive within.  Be fearless in your efforts.  We love you.
I am Michael.
(Channeled and Transcribed by Christine Burk, 20 February 2016)

The Council Requests Your Participation. Y’all Come!

Kathryn, Christine and Meg will channel the Council, Archangel Michael, Sananda, Terra and others who may request the opportunity to make contact with us. Christine and Kathryn will discuss what Christine’s job as Transmuter feels like, and how you can all help. As we work hand in hand with our Higher Selves, Masters, angels and Guides, we forge closer bonds and more smoothly cooperative relationships across the dimensions. Many will come to give us further tools and support to accomplish the crucial part we are contributing in bringing through the Freedom and Prosperity Programs for Earth. Come to cast your vote on the timing of the roll-out, and participate in the final actions needed to make it happen. Sunday at 2 PM EST.

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