Aimee Rebekah Shea – A Seven Step Miracle Mindset for Manifestation Mastery – 9-24-15



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Within all great change is a chaotic and fertile center of consciousness from which the new is born. When you are true to your own inner needs, balance blooms like an evergreen tree, supporting you through all great chaos and transition in life. From this place you can be in your most confident, self-reliant and happiest self.

It is a time like no other to cast aside fears and doubts, release all old habits that are not serving you and to trust that quiet voice within. It a time like no other to trust that everything is falling into place and to take daily actions that feed the deepest part of yourself.

If you have found yourself here and especially if you are an Indigo child or adult you know deep within that you are here to complete a MAJOR sacred mission as part of the journey of your soul. Many of us at this time are being given missions that seem bigger than we have the resources to complete. However, in reality, all of the resources we need are available to us.

This is why it is also time to train our minds together to focus on high vibrational manifestation practices. As I train my mind, I energetically help you to train your mind. Even if I don\’t write a word about what I am doing. Even if I do not share my practices with anyone, I am shifting the vibration of the planet. As we all do this together, it becomes easier and easier and easier…

And so we enter together, the Age of Aquarius, the Golden Age of Peace.

It is especially important during this time to practice mindfulness with your thoughts words and actions. Focus on these seven practices. Post them on your wall or on your desk and read them daily to help you bridge the gap mentally everyday from where you are to where you want to go.

  1. Listen to Your Desires, Define and Redefine Them: Your desires are messages from the divine energy moving through you. Sit in silence with your desires and create a plan to bring them into reality.
  2. Focus on Service: Once you have the plan, begin moving into action with your mind focused on serving with love.
  3. Intentional & Consistent Action: Take timed and specific action with a purpose connected to your desire every day.
  4. Open to Receive Daily: Just say Yes! to receiving all that is offered to you during this time. Everything, even things you would usually say \’no\’ to. It is a practice to get you to open to receiving all that the universe has in store for you.
  5. Release and Surrender: At the end of each day take time to surrender all of the day to Spirit. Let go of all that was done and not done and as you clear your mind give gratitude for the opportunity for a new day tomorrow.
  6. Express Gratitude for Progress: Create a specific time everyday that you set a reminder for yourself to express gratitude for your day and the gifts that the day has given to you. A grateful and open, heart and mind are fertile ground for miracles!
  7. Repeat Eternally: Yes, we can totally create miracles for as long as we are alive… (and in all life after this one). Manifesting and miracle-work are the journeys of a lifetime.

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